The weather is getting hot and the paleteros are honking their airhorns, which can only mean one thing for Latinos, more carne asadas.

There is truly nothing more heartwarming than hanging with your Latino family in the backyard as your dad and tios heat meats and veggies up on the grill. The tradition of having a carne asada in a Latino household is where key family memories are made, and they’re also a good excuse to pop open a nice cold chela with classic Latino tunes. 

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By the way, if you are ever invited to someone’s carne asada, consider yourself officially a part of the family. Here are nine songs that your Latino dad will for sure be bumping while he cooks. 

1. Cómo Te Voy A Olvidar – Los Ángeles Azules 

It’s no doubt that the Los Ángeles Azules are the soundtrack to our parent’s first broken heart. The lyrics are beautiful, the beat will get you up from your chair and you will definitely be belting out the chorus. 

2. La Chona – Los Tucanes de Tijuana 

There is no way your Latino dad is skipping this song because it’ll for sure get the party started if it hasn’t already. You might even repeat this one a couple of times. 

3. Mi Cucú – La Sonora Dinamita

A flirty classic cumbia that will get everyone’s shoulders shimmying as they’re munching on some carne. 

4. El Rey – Vicente Fernández 

Your dad and tios will most likely bring out the tequila for this one. Vicente Fernández, the ultimate mariachi king with the deepest voice, will forever be played in Latino households and Latino generations to come. 

5. Oye Mi Amor – Maná

Believe it or not, these rock en español legends are still touring nearly 40 years later! This song will bring out the rockeros in all the family. 

6. No Tengo Dinero – Juan Gabriel 

JuanGa’s music always been the key to getting our dads to express their emotions through music. 

7. Como la Flor – Selena 

Long live the Tejano queen! The voice of the Tex-Mex royalty is sure enough to get the ladies singing and dancing in a small circle. 

8. Tren Al Sur – Los Prisioneros  

This jam is the one where you don’t want anyone talking — just you, your drink in hand, eyes closed, grooving to this alternative rock beat. 

9. Suavemente – Elvis Crespo 

And of course, no Latino gathering is complete with swinging the hips to Elvis Crespo.