Hold onto your sombreros, Nature Enthusiasts! Orlando is calling, and it’s bringing a wild outdoor adventure that’ll blow your mind! mitú and Visit Orlando want to take you on an unforgettable journey that will make you fall in love with nature all over again.

Think Orlando is all about Mickey Mouse and delectable food? Think again, compa! This city is bustling with outdoor escapades perfect for families and nature lovers alike.

So grab your backpack, lace up those hiking boots, and slip into your swimwear because we’re about to explore the must-visit outdoor spots in Orlando that will take your breath away.

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Dive into refreshing natural springs

Image courtesy of Visit Orlando/Kings Landing

Central Florida is home to crystal-clear natural springs just waiting for you to take a plunge and beat that heat! Kayak or paddleboard your way through the beauty of Rock Springs Run at Kings Landing, or let your body soak up the goodness of nature at De Leon Springs State Park, where you can explore historic trails and learn about Florida’s indigenous people.

Want to catch a glimpse of some adorable creatures in action? Visit Blue Springs State Park, where manatees put on a show during winter. You won’t want to miss it!

“I could never get enough of what Orlando has to offer,” said Orlando native influencer Lexy Monty. “It’s growing fast and the activities are endless.”

“The springs are tons of fun. I have the best memories at Blue Springs. The historical Thursby house that’s there is now a museum and it’s a sight to see!,” she added. 

Prepare to have your mind blown by the magic of bioluminescence!

Image courtesy of Visit Orlando/BK Adventure

Imagine cruising through the night, witnessing a mesmerizing natural light show illuminating the waters. This is precisely what awaits you in BK Adventure, the 2023 Best-Eco Adventure winner of Florida Space Coast. And it’s more than clear kayaking! They’ve got tandem kayaks, epic rafting trips, and paddle boarding excursions for you thrill-seekers out there. 

Their expert guides will lead you deep into the heart of wild Florida, showing jaw-dropping natural landscapes and introducing you to some of the most unique wildlife around.

Get ready for an airboat adventure

Image courtesy of Visit Orlando.

Saddle up for an exhilarating airboat ride through the swamps of Wild Florida. This one-of-a-kind experience will have you spotting gators, native birds, and other critters in their natural habitat. It’s a thrill like no other!

Wild Florida’s Drive-thru Safari Park also offers your family the chance to be within feet of over a hundred native and exotic animals, including zebras, giraffes, bison, and more!

Fly high over gators!

Image courtesy of Visit Orlando/Gatorland.

Experience the thrill of the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line at Gatorland. Embark on a 1,700-foot zip line adventure across towering platforms and over the Alligator Breeding Marsh, home to 130 giant alligators.

Explore Harry P. Leu Gardens

Image courtesy of Visit Orlando.

Calling all green thumbs! These gorgeous gardens will make your jaw drop. With subtropical and tropical displays, cascading waterfalls, and even a butterfly garden, Harry P. Leu Gardens is an oasis of beauty and tranquility.

Manatee Magic: dive into serenity with Real Florida Adventures’ Snorkel Tours

Embark on an enchanting day tour with Real Florida Adventures, where the highlight is a serene snorkel with Florida’s gentle giants—the manatees. Dive into crystal-clear waters for an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures, and let Orlando’s premier guides enhance your excursion with expert knowledge and unrivaled enthusiasm for an authentic Sunshine State escapade.

Bike through Orlando Wetlands Park

This urban oasis offers a tranquil escape from the city hustle and a chance to spot local birds and wildlife. For a more adventurous ride, the Shingle Creek Bike Trail winds through nature reserves and offers stunning lake views.

Float through Lake Eola in a Swan Boat

Image courtesy of Visit Orlando.

Take to the waters of Lake Eola in a Swan Boat and enjoy breathtaking views of the Orlando skyline while watching playful swans do their thing. 

“One of my favorite places to walk around to get fresh air is Lake Eola,” said Lexy Monty. “I always have a pleasant experience. The lake view is fantastic and I love making friends with the swans, geese, and ducks!”

What better way to spend the day and create unforgettable moments with your friends and fam?

Orlando has so much more to offer than just theme parks, my friends. So don’t waste another second and dive headfirst into the natural wonders of this incredible city!