Mickey Mouse’s Mexican Birthday Leads To All Out War


November 18th marks the birthday of one of America’s greatest animated icons, Mickey Mouse. To celebrate the occasion, Disney went all in with a Spanish-language animation called “¡Felíz Cumpleaños!” Released in 2015, “¡Felíz Cumpleaños!” stars Mickey and the gang, decked out in various traditional Mexican outfits, on the day of Mickey’s birthday. But what starts out as a celebration quickly turns into a full on-war, as evil piñatas invade their small town.

Led by the “Piñata Boss,” played by Danny Trejo, the bad guys go into full-on piñata war mode leading Mickey to face the dreaded mordida.


The short animation was obviously a labor of love, and Disney spared no expense bringing it to life. The team responsible included Emmy Award-winning Alonso Ramirez Ramos, from “Gravity Falls,” who worked as storyboarder and director, as well as Paul Rudish, from “Star Wars: Clone Wars,” who acted as executive producer. The result of their efforts is an animation that retains the spirit of Mickey Mouse, while celebrating the charm of the Mexican culture they bring to life.

Mickey Mouse made his debut in 1928’s “Steamboat Willie,” which also holds the distinction as being the first animation with synchronized sound.

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios / YOUTUBE

Mickey’s 87-year career began with “Steamboat Willie,” a short that took about three months to complete, and cost about $5,000 USD. In today’s money, that’s in the ballpark of $68,000). However, some hardcore Disney fans will point to the deep cut, “Plane Crazy,” as the actual first appearance of Mickey earlier in that same year. You can check out that film here.

Happy Birthday Mickey! Here’s to 87 more years of enjoyment.

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Real Life Avengers Are Taking On Mexico's Crime


Real Life Avengers Are Taking On Mexico’s Crime

CREDIT: policiadopovo / eliasshadowink / Instagram

Violence is violence. Whether it’s done in the name of crime, justice or a just a close beer-pong game gone wrong, the result is the same. However, for some citizens in Mexico, who have lived in the shadow of corruption and police incompetence for years, violence is starting to look their only option to restore peace.

During a recent commuter bus robbery, an unknown vigilante shot and killed the perpetrators who had taken passengers’ belongings.


The justiciero then returned the passengers’ items and fled the scene. When asked by police, the passengers refused to identify the man. This isn’t an isolated incident, either. All around the country, citizens not wanting to become a statistic are resorting to deadly violence to protect themselves. In Mexico, it’s reported that criminals get away with nearly 98 percent of crimes, and that 93 percent of criminal activity never gets reported. Because of that fact, an alarming 46 percent of Mexican citizens are totally OK with vigilante justice.

Check out the whole story at The Guardian.

[H/T] Mexico’s ‘avengers’ backed by public sick of crime and lack of punishment

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