María Becerra was born in the heart of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, in 2000. When she was only 12, she began sharing versions of her favorite songs on Facebook. But it would be a monologue that would transform her into a social media phenomenon.

In less than a day, her video accumulated one million views, and that was the turning point that led her to YouTube in search of a bigger platform.

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Fast forward 11 years, and today Maria Becerra is an up-and-coming urban-pop artist with three albums. Her most recent single is a tribute to single mothers, and her latest performance this weekend in Madrid positioned her as a powerful talent.

When authenticity is the trademark

Maria Becerra’s commitment to genuine and authentic art is evident. The artist is unpretentious and prefers to project a relatable image.

In her words, her most significant achievements are not determined by the price of her clothes, and this authenticity attracts her followers.

“There are fans who have been with me since they were 12, and now they’re in their twenties,” Becerra told mitú with a hint of awe. “They’ve seen me grow, evolve, and they’re still here, supporting me.”


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These fans, whom she considers “her family,” welcomed with open arms her song “Corazón Vacío,” whose lyrics evoke a story of betrayal and abandonment.

“It’s not just about infidelity,” Becerra told mitú, her voice full of emotion. “It’s about the heartache of abandonment, the struggle of raising a child alone. This song is for the brave single mothers forced into that role.”

María Becerra’s struggle against machismo

For the young singer, navigating the male-dominated music industry has been challenging. As she confessed, she often faces questions about her ability to write songs or even the prejudice that she doesn’t contribute as much as a male singer might.

However, Becerra stands her ground.

“I’ve had to tell people that they need to respect me. I’m not just a puppet to be controlled.”

Maria Becerra doesn’t let these obstacles overshadow her ambitions or dampen her spirit. If anything, she turns them into fuel to push herself harder and continue to shine.

Still, she sees these challenges as part of a larger problem — the double standard that persists in the music industry.

“Women are constantly under scrutiny, often criticized for not doing enough or not being enough,” she said. “It’s a different standard when compared to our male counterparts.”

JLo’s influence

But who inspires this ambitious, down-to-earth artist? She doesn’t skip a word before answering: “Jennifer Lopez. Her talent, resilience, and professionalism are remarkable. Despite all the criticism she received early in her career, she persevered, and that’s truly inspiring.”

Indeed, in many ways, Becerra sees herself on Lopez’s journey and aspires to walk a similar path.

With her new single and her win at La Velada del Año 3, the biggest event ever organized by streamer Ibai Llanos in Madrid, Maria Becerra is undoubtedly making a difference. 

“I’m doing everything in my power and more to achieve it,” she said.