Following her comments on TMZ in early May, “How I Met Your Father” actress Francia Raisa is asking Selena Gomez‘s fans to stop bullying her.

The actresses, who used to be thick as thieves, reportedly parted ways in late 2018. However, Gomez’s fans have been coming after Raisa online, throwing serious shade at her.

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Although Gomez has publicly taken to social media asking her fans to back off, Raisa continues to receive hateful comments. Even receiving threats from fans of ripping off her other kidney. Here’s what we know.

Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez’s feud surfaced in 2022

When Selena Gomez needed a kidney due to her lupus diagnosis in 2017, Raisa donated one of hers. In an Instagram post with over 10 million likes, Gomez thanked her friend for the selfless act.

However, the two reportedly stopped being friends in late 2018, according to an anonymous source. Although the artists have yet to confirm this, they consistently avoid addressing comments about each other.

Gomez recently called Taylor Swift her “only friend in the industry” in “My Mind and Me,” her 2022 documentary. After the clip went viral, Raisa commented on a video saying “interesting” before unfollowing Gomez on social media. However, the comment was deleted later.

On a TikTok breaking down their alleged feud, Gomez commented, “Sorry I didn’t mention everyone I know.”

In early May, Raisa appeared on TMZ to discuss the kidney donation

The controversy surrounding Gomez and Raisa’s friendship, including recent comments made to TMZ, may have sparked inappropriate behavior from Gomez’s fans online.

To stop what Raisa has labeled as “bullying,” she asked fans to cease their comments as it is not something Gomez would “approve” of. She also referenced the bullying and kidney donations while chatting to TMZ in May.

Here’s what she said:

As seen in the video, she refused to comment directly on the situation. When the reporter asks her about her friendship with Gomez, she comments on the weather and mentions a tree she passes while walking her dog.

However, the reporter then switches the subject to organ donation, which Raisa addressed. The actress admitted she would consider the process again if given a second chance.

Francia returned to TMZ soon after to talk about Gomez’s fans

However, Gomez’s fans think she was throwing shade at the singer by refusing to talk about their friendship and making vague comments about the kidney donation.

Speaking to TMZ again on May 6, Raisa responded to comments made by fans of the “Only Murders in the Building” star. Initially addressing the reporter by saying, “You made quite the show for me,” she opened up about the bullying.

At one point, Raisa claims one Gomez fan said to her, “I hope someone goes up your p***y and rips out your other kidney you f***ing w**re.”

Raisa said Gomez would not approve of her fans doing this to her, pointing out that Gomez has a non-profit dedicated to mental health, the Rare Impact Fund.

“The fact that I’m now being bullied as I am, it’s messing with me mentally,” she added.

Aside from that, Raisa said she’s “really happy” and just living her life.

The internet has their own ideas about their friendship’s downfall

A post by the Daily Loud alleges the two stopped being friends because Gomez continued to drink after the transplant. TMZ followed up on their two conversations with Raisa, resharing a video of Raisa’s father talking about the drinking rumors on TV in 2022.

Raisa’s father, Renán Almendárez Coello, a popular Honduran-American radio host who goes by El Cucuy, appeared on Primer Impacto to address the feud.

“They had a minor dispute when Selena was drinking. Francia told her she didn’t give her the kidney so that she would be drinking, something like that,” he said.

Check out the full interview here:

Here, one person believes what Raisa’s dad is saying:

However, some are trying to discredit him based on an alleged domestic violence incident in 2007.