Designer Bryan Hearns just shared his process making Karol G‘s epic, sparkly costume design for her “Mañana Será Bonito” tour. Hearns, who is half-Mexican and from East Los Angeles, wrote that the singer’s resulting outfit was 100% “Bichota vibes.”

Hearns posted a few Instagram photos of his crystal-studded concoction for Karol G’s tour. And well, the designer — who has also worked with the likes of Ariana Grande, Becky G, and Cardi B — made something absolutely amazing for la Bichota.

As shown in photos, the creation includes a mesh, crystal-embroidered catsuit reminiscent of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” music video. The look is finished off with a removable skirt with a train, furry boots, and some cool, 2000s-era shades.

The L.A.-based designer captioned his post with, “Karol G 🫶🏽 Loved working on this full Swarovski crystal moment.” He also mentioned how he created the outfit in collaboration with designer and stylist Brett Alan Nelson, who worked with Karol G on her “Barbie” movie premiere look.

Here’s everything to know about Hearns’ process creating Karol G’s most iconic tour look, and some of the best concert outfits in his repertoire.

Hearns posted a video sewing on each of the catsuit’s crystals by hand — and he actually made a few extras

Karol G does no wrong in our eyes, because well… she made “El Makinon,” gave a stunning San Antonio tribute to Selena Quintanilla, made one of the best tracks from the “Barbie” movie, and much more. And yes, it turns out that her outfits for her “Mañana Será Bonito” tour are just as good.

Still, right from the start of Karol G’s tour earlier this month, we paid extra attention to her crystal catsuit. Accompanied by perfect Y2K-era sunglasses and her pink hair, the look just gives pop diva. It’s instantly iconic, so of course, we needed to know more.

Hearns posted his entire process behind making the shimmery, disco ball-esque outfit on his TikTok page. Interestingly, you can see he inserted an outline into the mesh bodysuit in order to place each crystal in its perfect location.

The video shows Hearn’s attention to detail, including him and his team gluing each crystal by hand. After that, you can see how they also sewed each crystal for reinforcement. The designer also cut the skirt-sash’s fabric by hand, draping it on a mannequin.

By the end of the video, Hearns included a few clips of Karol G wearing the outfit onstage. You can see her sing and dance with the catsuit actually glittering under the stage lights. Epic!

As one TikTok user commented on Hearns’ video, “You DID THAT. That outfit was the first thing that captured my attention at her concert!!!”

Another agreed, “Omg that catsuit was genius! She be looking so goood! Pulling out all the stops for the queen!” Even more people continue to be shook: “I’ve never been in such awe of someone’s tour outfit this much!”

One more interesting detail? Hearns replied to one person’s comment asking, “Do you maintain it if the stones fall?” The designer replied, “We have multiple doubles 😅.” Makes sense!

This isn’t the first time the designer has worked with the “Provenza” singer

While Karol G’s latest tour look is sending her fans into a frenzy, this is not the first time the singer has worked with Hearns. In fact, they’ve actually been teaming up on epic fashion looks for more than a year.

Back in October 2022, Hearns posted about a “last minute custom” look he seemed to have made for Karol G’s “$trip Love Tour.” As you can see by the clip, the designer made a bodysuit by hand for the singer. The final look was sparkly, gold, and paired perfectly with her red hair at the time:

In fact, the designer made at least one more look for the singer’s $trip Love Tour, including this costume with black rock ‘n’ roll harnesses. Major Xtina vibes!

Going back a few more months to April 2022, you can see how Hearns also worked with the Medellin-born singer on her “Bichota” tour outfits. She still had blue hair here, and yes, we’re very obsessed with this one:

Even cooler? The designer has also worked with Becky G in the past for her own concert looks. In fact, Hearns made the “Mayores” singer the blue, crystal-studded bikini she wore for her Coachella performance this year:

He then made her another pink version of it for Coachella’s weekend two, and much like in “Sleeping Beauty,” can we have it in blue and pink? Thank you!