In case you missed Anitta‘s episode on the podcast “Call Her Daddy,” there’s a thought-provoking conversation about “rethinking” her reasons for having sex. As the Brazilian singer put it to host Alex Cooper, “I don’t want to have sex with a guy because I want him to fall in love with me.”

In fact, Anitta, 30, described how much she loves spending time alone now: “I can be alone for days, you know? Cook my own food, and be like, ‘Life is beautiful.'”

Anitta’s conversation on analyzing her reasons for having sex in the past opens up a discussion about growth and the power of being alone. As one viewer commented on TikTok, “I’m in that era right now, I get her, really happy place 💖.” Another agreed, “Anitta said it perfectly ☝👏.”

Here’s everything Anitta said on “Call Her Daddy” about not having sex “in months,” but feeling empowered to change her mind whenever she wants.

Anitta said she is “so happy with herself” and has not had sex in “months”

The “Envolver” singer explained to host Alex Cooper, “I’m single, completely single, and not looking for anything and so happy with myself.”

When the podcast was recorded earlier this year, Anitta also clarified that she hadn’t had sex “in months.”

“So many months, I don’t even remember the last time I had sex to be honest with you,” she explained.

For the singer, it’s all about choosing who she wants to share that with — and who “deserves” it. “I didn’t find anyone special enough that I would think like, ‘Okay, this one deserves to come here,'” she explained.


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However, the star explained how she has changed her attitude towards casual sex from her younger years. “I was crazy before, I used to f**k even like one person that crossed me on a street.”

“I would be like, ‘You, come here,'” she recalled.

Fascinatingly, the singer tied that part of her life to her “Anitta” persona (her birth name is actually Larissa de Macedo Machado). Explaining she got the “confidence” to go up to people “because [she] was living Anitta 24/7 of the time.”

However, later in the interview, she talked about how she deeply analyzes her reasons for having sex now. In essence, is it for them or for her?

“I don’t want to have sex with a guy because I want him to fall in love for me or because I don’t want to lose him,” she explained. “I want to have sex because I feel like doing it, because I feel like this guy deserves… this queen.”

Today, the singer is much more open to being alone — and it all started when she got sick

Anitta explained that she became much more comfortable being alone during her battle with endometriosis.

As the singer explained last year on Twitter, she dealt with the disease for “nine years.” She said her recurrent cystitis was a possible symptom, but never read about it in “any article or website.”

At the time, she said she experienced “such strong pain you want to do anything so it disappears.” She also told her fans that she would undergo surgery.

Now, after her “Call Her Daddy” appearance, Anitta explains how that horrible experience led to her new outlook on being alone.

“Everything started… when I got sick,” she recalled. “That was like, when I was in bed thinking I was going to die, I started look over all the things my life.”

“I started to see all the things that I didn’t want to repeat again,” she said.

One thing, though? It does not mean that she is suddenly against having sex — far from it. “It’s not that I don’t want to have sex with people anymore. Please God, I’m down. I’m open. I’m free tonight,” she laughed.

It’s more about making choices for her own happiness and within her power: “I’m just saying… I’m rethinking the reason why I used to do things, and how I was doing things, and I want to do differently.”

Interestingly, Anitta also applies the same logic to simply being alone on a Friday night without friends. As she puts it, that is something she could never do before.

“Before, I didn’t used to like staying by myself. I used to just like need friends, every time in my house, friends. Every time, I needed people,” she explained. “And now I don’t need nobody.”

Anitta later talked about how important it is to question a “dislike” for being alone. “Why are we scared of the silence? What is inside of us that we don’t want to listen to? What we don’t like about ourselves that we don’t want to face it?”

And does she regret her attitude towards sex in the past? Not in the slightest.

“I’m not saying I regret the thousands of people I f**ked,” she said. “I’m just saying right now, I don’t feel like [it]. Maybe next month, I feel like fucking thousands of people again.”

“Just now, I just feel like… Is it worth it?”


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