Eight-year-old TikTok star Francesa Miranda from Bucaramanga, Colombia, has won the hearts of people all over the world with her genius, laugh out loud videos. After taking her talents to Instagram, Francesa has amassed more than a million followers on the platform, and might just land a Hollywood role next.

As reported by Hoy Día, the “queen of TikTok in Colombia” got her start at 5 years old, posting a video that went viral with more than five million views in one day.

The hobby quickly became a family affair, with her younger brother Daniel sometimes appearing in her videos, and her parents helping her come up with characters to impersonate, costume ideas, filming and posting. 

The social media star’s content is extremely fun, consisting of lip-synced videos where you can see the 8-year-old dubbing and acting out recorded dialogue.

She has several characters in her repertoire, including abuelitas with all the chisme, mothers cleaning the house, fathers, older couples and even Chaplinesque renditions that show her serious acting skills. 

Francesa explained to CNN that she first heard about TikTok videos a few years ago amid the pandemic, and asked her mother, María Angélica Díaz, to download the app. While her mother did not know about the app, she obliged — and the rest is history.

As Díaz described in an interview with Noticias Telemundo, she thought making TikTok videos would just be a fun game between the two of them. While Francesa would make up scenes using her Barbie dolls at just 2 years old, neither ever thought she would quickly become a full-blown celebrity.

Díaz said, “We started making videos and that’s when everything started. She became very passionate about it.” Both Francesa’s mother and father are in charge of finding dialogue that is appropriate for their daughter’s age, and setting up the filming process. 

Already a celebrity in Colombia that often gets recognized even while wearing a mask and a hat, Francesa is now seeing the fruits of her labor pay off. As her mother explains it, the Bucaramanga star is already getting offers from Hollywood executives, scholarships and opportunities from United States, Mexico and Spain. 

While Francesa’s parents want her to “enjoy her childhood” and are taking things slow, the TikTok and Instagram celeb has her sights set on the big leagues.

Explaining how her parents were “shocked” upon discovering her talent, she “dreams of acting, being in Hollywood, acting in other cities.” The 8-year-old said, “I want to do that.”

That said, the social media sensation is most taken aback by her fans’ reactions. She told Hoy Día she was “impressed” by how people wrote to her, saying she “made them laugh” even when feeling depressed or sad.