If You’re A Veggie Vigilante Then You Need To Be Following These Health Conscious Latinx Foodies While In Quarantine

Latin culture is rich. Especially our food, which is getting back to its roots thanks to the growing trend of health-conscious Latinxs. Here, some of our favorite veggie vigilantes you should consider following if you want to keep colonization out of your kitchen.

1. Gabriela Alvarez

Chef Gabriela Alvarez is the founder of Liberation Cuisine, a catering service that feeds the bellies of individuals and organizations working for social change. This Brooklyn-based puertorriqueña is using her culinary skills to effectively combat inequalities in the food system. When Alvarez isn’t creating memorable and sustainable food experiences for an impressive arsenal of organizations and events, she’s teaching cooking classes that highlight food as resiliency and honoring traditional preparation and practices.

Follow her Instagram: @chefgabrielaalvarez

2. Luz Calvo

Mexican author Luz Calvo, PhD, is a foodie force to be reckoned with. They co-wrote the hit cookbook “Decolonize Your Diet” with their partner, Catriona Rueda Esquibel. However, if that wasn’t enough to make them the patron saint of this current foodie movement, they are also a professor of ethnic studies at Cal State, teaching a course titled “Decolonize Your Diet: Food Justice in Communities of Color.”

Follow them on Instagram: @decolonizeyourdiet

3. Amy Quichiz & Mariah Bermeo


Veggie Mijas began with activist Amy Quichiz, who is Colombian-Peruvian, and Mariah, who is Ecuadorian. However, it is a rapidly growing community of other comida conscience mujerxs. Bringing food knowledge to the ‘hood is at the heart of this collective, which also just hosted a major vegan potluck in the Bronx, New York. Slide into their DMs to find out how you can contribute to the mijas’ mission. Trust us: this is the girl gang you want to be a part of.

Follow them on Instagram:@veggiemijas

4. Alexis Montoya


Alexis Montoya is the Puerto Rican-Peruvian creator of The Bronx Vegan, a page dedicated to showcasing vegan food and resources in the Bronx. Montoya offers up restaurant suggestions as well as recipes. She has also recently started collaborating with Veggie Mijas for a segment titled “Everybody Eats,” which features vegan fare from around the ‘hood.

Follow her on Instagram:@thebronxvegan

5. Jocelyn Ramirez

When Mexican-South American chef and founder of Todo Verde, Jocelyn Ramirez, noticed the inaccessibility to healthy food options in East LA, she was inspired to change that. From that inspiration, her catering and pop-up business serving plant-based Mexican favorites was born. The Todo Verde IG page is a rainbow of beautifully created dishes that leave us pining for a sunny weekend in East LA, enjoying one of her divine agua frescas.

Follow her on Instagram: @todoverde

6. Ysanet Batista & Merelis Catalina Ortiz

Ysanet and Merelis are the Dominican “nutrition brujas” behind Woke Foods, a culinary cooperative focused on plant-based Dominican cuisine that is fighting for food justice in New York. Woke Foods provides catering and cooking classes that link the ancestral connection with the food we eat. Their page is filled with delectable Caribbean classics with a woke twist, like plant-based sancocho and vegan chicharron de pollo.

Follow them on Instagram: @wokefoods

7. Claudia Serrato

Claudia Serrato is the Indigenous Xicana behind Cocina Manakurhini, a catering company focused on preparing culturally memorable plant-based meals. Not only offering workshops and ancestral-themed dinners to the public, they also offer them to already established restaurant owners and chefs, with the intention to inspire more plant-based options in the wider community. If that doesn’t make Cocina Manakurhini impressive enough, they’re also known for crafting up some bomb tamales de cacao. Save us a plate, please!

Follow her on Instagram:@cocina_manakurhini

8. Valeria Velazquez Duenas

Valeria Velazquez Duenas is the chef behind Cocina House, a project that nourishes community with an emphasis on local California produce, native Mexican cuisine and traditional superfoods. She offers an array of community-based educational workshops, wellness retreats and specially catered events. Her IG page is bursting with photos of Mex-iconic staples, like plant-based pazole and purple potato huaraches.

Follow her on Instagram: @cocinahouse

9. Samantha Otero


Samantha Otero is a Puerto Rican plant-based nutrition consultant in New York. After years of battling health issues, she grew tired of playing the runaround with doctors and decided to switch to a raw, plant-based diet. Since then, Otero has continued to educate herself on nutrition and diet. She offers meal plans, diet resets and personal development coaching on her website, holisticsamantha.com.

Follow her on Instagram: @holisticsamantha

10. Cecilia Flores

Cecilia, and her husband Ivannoe, are the plant-based power couple behind Coco Verde Vegan. With the birth of their unbelievably adorable baby girl, Ivanna, the couple became more conscious about the food they were consuming as a family. Not wanting to miss out on the Dominican favorites they grew up on, they decided to veg-ify the classic recipes and share them with the world. Their blog offers recipes, fitness and wellness advice, as well as meal plans. We also love that their site has the option to be viewed in English or Espanol. Viva la vegana!

Follow her on Instagram: @cocoverdevegan

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Would You Like A Piece Of Tomato On Your Bread? Or A Plain Bowl Of Rice?—These Have To Be The Saddest Vegetarian Meals To Ever Happen


Would You Like A Piece Of Tomato On Your Bread? Or A Plain Bowl Of Rice?—These Have To Be The Saddest Vegetarian Meals To Ever Happen


Myth: All Vegetarians Eat Is Sad Salads And Carrots—Check Out 12 Of The Saddest Vegetarian Meals To Ever Happen

Would You Like A Piece Of Tomato On Your Bread? Or A Plain Bowl Of Rice?—These Have To Be The Saddest Vegetarian Meals To Ever Happen

Depending On Where You Live, It Might Not Be So Hard Eating Vegetarian, But You’ll Still Probably Run Into Meals Like These: The Saddest Veggie Meals To Ever Happen

The biggest misconception about being a vegetarian? That all we eat is sad salads and plates filled with carrots. It’s not true. There’s LOTS of stuff we eat. Most vegetarians are always stuffing their face with varied deliciousness. Because there are SO MANY things that we can eat. Hummus, pizza, fancy pasta. All the stuff regular omnivores eat, just without the bacon on top. So can someone please explain why when we tell people we’re vegetarian, they immediately prepare us something along the lines of these 12 sad meals? Stop the madness. Stop the carb load. Check out these 12 photos to witness some of the saddest vegetarian meals to ever happen.

Airplane Carbs 

Plane meals are always a bit disappointing — even for meat eaters. On this occasion, even the flight crew felt bad for the poor man.  If this isn’t a serious carb load, then what is?  

Broccoli and fries

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My share #sadVegetarian #stillYummy

A post shared by Gabrielle Vivar (@gabbyvivar) on

Many vegetarians have settled for a side order of fries as their main, but with this sad piece of broccoli to boot? Do better.

When the menu says “Toast with Mushrooms” 

You must always remember to BYOVB (bring your own vegan burger) to barbecues, otherwise you might get stuck with a piece of toast and literal mushrooms –no seasoning in sight. No thank you.

When the family forgets you’re vegetarian at Christmas dinner 

Another case of BYOVB* because there’s a near 100% chance that you’ll be stuck with 2 vegetarian sides at the family dinner.

A sad vegetarian breakfast

When your only viable option for breakfast is a hashbrown, you load up —and add lots of coffee. 

An epically sad vegetarian lunch option at school

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Tbh still thinking about this meal ????????????????

A post shared by Sad Vegan (@sadveganmeals) on

Ahh, nothing like an apple, a banana and an empty hotdog bun to fuel you up after a morning of studies. NOT.

When there are no vegetarian options at the restaurant so rice is all you can have 

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A world without rice is no world at all

A post shared by Sad Vegan (@sadveganmeals) on

Depending on where you live, it might not be so hard eating vegetarian. But you’ll still probably run into situations where your only option is a sad plate of plain rice. Sigh.

Soggy tofu and tomato sauce as the only vegetarian option when eating out

Isn’t eating out fun? The answer is, no, not always. I don’t really know what I would do if I was handed a sliced piece of bland tofu and some tomato sauce. Like, what am I supposed to do with this? 

When the only vegetarian options at Thanksgiving dinner are green beans and potatoes

Personally, this is the most tragic one. There you are, eating your green beans while the rest of the family stuffs their face with all the options. Cries internally.

When sweet potatoes are your only safe option

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Only sad vegans don't use seasoning #filetmignon

A post shared by Sad Vegan (@sadveganmeals) on

Always carry a sweet potato, you never know when it might save you from starving. 

We’ve all had to settle for a side salad but COME ON

When grandma has her birthday party and everyone brings food to the barbecue —dang, not even a pasta dish?

Is this a sandwich or a hotdog or both?

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Is this a hotdog or a sandwich or both or neither

A post shared by Sad Vegan (@sadveganmeals) on

This sad excuse for a sandwich –but at least this vegetarian learned his lesson and brought his own damn veggie dog to the cookout.

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These Celebs Want You To Know That They Are Proud Vegetarians And Vegans


These Celebs Want You To Know That They Are Proud Vegetarians And Vegans

The most annoying thing about being Vegetarians And Vegans is the stereotype of the white, privileged, preachy millennial drinking their kale. The truth is, Latin America is owning animal rights better than any other part of the world. Bolivia was the first country to ban circuses that use animals, and Costa Rica was the first to ban hunting.

That’s not all. As individuals, we shake things up in the kitchen and are part of the growing rise of veganism and vegetarianism in the U.S. Here are some of your favorite famous Latinos who are vegetarian or vegan and their reasons why!

1. Camila Cabello

@camila_cabello / Instagram

We need zero more reasons to love her, but I’m officially swooning off the charts since she told The New York Times that she’s vegan. Oh, how’d it come up? She ordered a kale salad–the red herring of vegans.

I’m not the only fan freaking out.

@Camila_Cabello / Twitter

Adopting a new lifestyle is full of exciting discoveries, like chocolate being a vegetable! No for real, I think it’s a nut? Either way, she’s got support from her fans.

2. Ricky Martin

@ricky_martin / Instagram

The secret to the Puerto Rican body that just won’t quit? JK, I can’t even say it’s a vegan diet. All Puerto Ricans are born fuego. #boricuaoverhere

OK, so why bother, Ricky?

DoctorOz / YouTube

Ricky told Doctor Oz in 2017, “If you told me when I was 20 that I was going to become a vegetarian, I would have told you ‘You’re crazy. That’s never gonna happen.’ But I’ve lived a very healthy vegetarian lifestyle for 3 years. I am not eating meat at all, and I feel amazing. … My cholesterol is stable …. My head is clearer, I sleep better, my energy is where it needs to be.”

3. Kat Von D

@thekatvond / Instagram

Kat Von D is a talented makeup artist, model, entrepreneur and animal activist. Her makeup line, Kat Von D Beauty, is all vegan and cruelty-free. #swoon

 Her reasons are gold.

@thekatvond / Instagram

Kat Von D told Mercy for Animals, “Veganism changed me. It taught me to look past myself—to consider how my choices affect others—the animals, the people around me, and the planet we live on. To me, veganism is consciousness.”

4. Daniella Monet

@daniellamonet / Instagram

Chilean-Italian Daniella Monet is a passionate animal rights activist. She even has a V-shaped tattoo on her wrist to celebrate veganism.

Daniella will veganize Latin-American food for you.

Daniella Monet / YouTube

Daniella is so passionate about vegan eating, that she worked with peta2 to launch a web series showing her fans how to cook cheap vegan food! I’m starving for these Polenta Pizzas.

5. Natalia Clavier

@nataliaclaviermusica / Instagram

Born in Buenos Aires, lead singer for Thievery Corporation, Natalia Clavier has been vegan for awhile now. Her problem is with the industrial complex of animal agriculture, factory farming, which has spread and worsened over the years, especially in the U.S.

Why, Natalia?

Natalia Clavier. Digital Image. PETA Latino. 22 March 2018.

She told PETA Latino, “I consider information the most powerful weapon in this fight against factory farming, and all the the terrible things that are happening to the animals and therefore to our health.”

6. Patricia de León

@patriciadeleonb / Instagram

You may have seen Patricia de León on Lincoln Heights, Cold Case, and Crossing Jordan. She initially rose to famedom when she was crowned Miss Panama in 1995, and then hosted La Corte de Familia and La Corte del Pueblo.

Beyond her vegetarianism, Patricia also actively spoken out against bullfights with PETA, and for “One Love Foundation,” which defends the rights of the LGBT community. I’m heart eye-ing all over the place over here.

But why, Patricia?

Patricia de León. Digital Image. PETA Latino. 22 March 2018.

Patricia has *also* stripped down for the vegan message. She tells PETA Latino, “Growing up, I was always in and out of the hospital with stomach problems, and no one could figure out what was wrong. I decided to give up meat and become a vegetarian, and I haven’t had stomach problems since!”

7. Juanes

@juanes / Instagram

We all know Colombian god, Juanes, for all the joy and moves he’s brought to your local club dance floor (and the tearjerkers). What you might not know about this Key Biscane resident is that he’s been vegetarian for four years now.

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Pero, why, Juanes, why?

@juanes / Instagram

In an interview with Que Rica Vida, he told them, “[My wife and children] eat fish or chicken, and I eat my vegetables or grains, eggs or cheese. I quit soda for good, as well as sugar and meat, something I’ve always wanted to do. The result is that I feel great, more energized for everything I do.”

8. Christian Serratos

@christianserratos / Instagram

Christian is Mexican-Italian, and you probably recognize her as Angela Weber in Twilight. Don’t even front like you didn’t watch at least the first one. She even won an award for her role! She’s also now a main cast member for The Walking Dead. Ironically, she won’t eat flesh of any kind off the set.

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This is why…

Christian Serratos. Digital Image. PETA. 23 March 2018

Christian has worked with PETA for campaigns ranging from promoting veganism to speaking out against the Canadian seal slaughter, and even stripping down to speak out against fur.

In her own words, “I’ve always been opposed to slaughtering, eating, wearing carcass.”

9. Vida Guerra

@vidaguerra / Instagram

OK, obviously, Vida is a model. Born in Havana, she’s made a name for herself posing in magazine spreads, to even dropping an album in 2006 and lending her voice to the video game Scarface: The World is Yours.

So why go vegetarian?

Vida Guerra. Digital Image. PETA Latino. 22 March 2018.

Vida’s debut nude shoot with Playboy PETA was just the beginning. She stripped down for a PETA’s vegetarian campaign. She tells , “I just felt better and brighter and lighter, and I had more energy. … It was a big deal to me, being an animal lover.”

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10. Constance Marie

@goconstance / Instagram

YUP–that’s Selena’s mom, 20 years later (Selena, as in JLo, in the film Selena). Constance is Angie Lopez in George Lopez and in Switched at Birth. Fun fact: she was spotted dancing in an LA club by David Bowie’s dance choreographer and was hired for his 1987 tour. #goals

Constance has been vegetarian since before it was cool.

@goconstance / Instagram

She’s raised her daughter veg and has also appeared in PSA’s encouraging folks to spay and neuter their pets. Her IG is just one more platform for her to use her fame for causes she’s passionate about.

11. Marco Antonio Regil

@marcoantonioregil / Instagram

You know him from your living room as the host of every Spanish version of Family Feud, The Price is Right, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader and so on. He’s a passionate animal advocate and you can tell by his Insta feed. Try to find a photo of him without his dog, Bernie.

PETA Latino / YouTube

Not only has Regil narrated the Spanish version of Glass Walls (brace yourself), but he also works extensively with a variety of animal rights and welfare organizations. He’s worked with PETA Latino in this rad video series to debunk the myths of being vegano, and he’s lobbied in Washington for humane research methods that don’t include using cute lil mice and rabbits for chemical testing. Conclusion: I’m even more obsessed.

12. Sie7e

@sie7emusic / Instagram

You guys, full disclosure I’m a full-fledged stan of Sie7eLike I’ve literally met him and teared up when he started singing to my friends. Sie7e is a Puerto Rican stud and Latin Grammy winner.

He’s been vegetarian for 14 years and vegan for the last few, and now I’m crying.

Mira ese perfecion:

Sie7e. Digital Image. PETA Latino. 22 March 2018.

Ok, ok, I know we’re seeing a lot of PETA Latino here, but that’s because it’s the ONLY international animal advocacy group that actually lends a voice to Latinos and all the good things we do for animals. Plus they include cute mutts in their ads. Hear all about Sie7e’s reasons for going vegan and try not to fall in love.

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