This Bad Bunny Fan Received The Surprise Of Her Life When El Conejo Malo Offered To Buy Her Artwork Of Him

Bad Bunny is one performer who always surprises us. He has given us gender-bending looks, LGBTQ+ inclusive music videos, and flaunted his stuff in drag. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, the legendary Latin trap star continues to deliver sweet and compelling moments to the masses.

Artist Cynthia Coronado used some of her quarantine time to create some masterful art.

The quarantine is giving people a lot of time to work on their own crafts. Some people are cooking more while others are learning how to bake. Some people are stick to what they already do but are really fine-tuning and elevating their crafts. Coronado did just that with this Bad Bunny masterpiece.

Coronado even offered up a little look into her process in a timelapse video.

The video offers a glimpse into the work and patience it takes to create a piece of art that impressive. The amount of time it takes to make this painting is impressive and makes artists worthy of all of the praise they receive for their work.

Don’t worry. Bad Bunny saw it and gave her an offer for the piece.

Look at Bad Bunny doing something for a fan that he really didn’t have to do. We love to see it. It seems like the trapero is always there to make his fans feel special. It is a look that will only serve to make him a more beloved star in the Latino community.

The attention from Bad Bunny helped to catapult the young artist into the consciousness of several Bad Bunny fans.

Coronado got so many requests for the art that she started her own website to showcase and sell more of her work. She even got prints made of her Bad Bunny piece to sell online to fans who wanted a piece of the iconic work.

Coronado’s first batch of 150 Bad Bunny prints sold out very quickly.

Don’t worry. Coronado is so excited about the unexpected interest in her art that she has ordered more prints. This means there is still a chance for people to get their hands on one of her wonderful Bad Bunny prints. This kind of cuarentena hustle is goals af.

People started to flood Bad Bunny’s tweet with their own fanart.

It isn’t every day that you see celebrities reaching out to fans to buy up their art. Someone as big as Bad Bunny buying up an artist’s work and publicly acknowledging it is an incredible moment for them. It is just one of the many reasons so many people love and support Bad Bunny.

Meanwhile, some people know their limits so they’re just trying to get San Benito’s attention.

To be fair, art is subjective so your stick figure drawing might deserve a place in an international art museum so keep on going for it. Ponte las pilas and create something magical while in quarantine. Or don’t. Just do whatever you need to at this moment.

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An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

Things That Matter

An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

@goldenstef / Twitter

We are rarely more defensive than we are for our abuelos. The viejitos have always been there for us and seeing them treated unkindly is just heartbreaking. That is what one Twitter user experienced after her abuelo got a wretched note about his decorations outside his home.

This is the horrid letter left for @goldenstef’s abuelo by undesirable neighbors.

The letter, which is filled with misspelled words, calls the abuelo’s house an example of a “low class Mexican family.” The letter was written anonymously by neighbors and delivered to the abuelo in an attempt to shame him into changing his decorations. One of the most bizarre moments in the letter is when the angry author criticized the homeowner for having too many American flags claiming he isn’t patriotic and can’t fool the neighbors. Like, which one is it people?

The Twitter user followed up with photos of the house to show the decorations their abuelo has out front.

People flooded the Twitter post with comments supporting and sending love to the abuelo. Fellow Latinos are ready to stand with the abuelo and some just want the names of the people behind the letter so they can talk to them. Some people are stunned at how far the author was willing to go out of their way to be mean to an old man who just wants to decorate his home and front yard.

Latino Twitter wants to come together to let the abuelo know that his decorations are adorbs.

We need to come together to give her abuelo all of the wonderful decoration we love. Let’s turn his house and front yard into a showcase of all of the greatness that Latin America has to offer.

People are falling in love with this viejitos yard.

Honestly, this is a great yard. Who wouldn’t want a yard like this? This yard is original and adorable and worth all of the praise that we can muster. Thank you to people like this for making their yards something unique and worth seeing.

@goldenstef wants everyone to know just how much they appreciate the sweet messages about their abuelo’s yard.

It costs nothing to be kind. It is even better when you can be kind about something someone clearly cares so much about. Who cares if someone decorates their lawn a little too much. At least they are having fun with their lives and that is something we all need more of right now.

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Get Ready! Bad Bunny Set To Perform Historic Online Concert To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Get Ready! Bad Bunny Set To Perform Historic Online Concert To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Notice to all Bad Bunny fans! This is not a drill! The reggaetonero is officially back on stage with an historic concert planned for this weekend (September 20).

In recent weeks, Bad Bunny has been silent on social media. “Goodbye, I’m gone,” he said to his fans on May 19, telling them that he wanted to take a break after the release of his album YHLQMDLG last February, then again after his surprise drop of Las que no iban a salir.

But now the singer appears to be gradually making his musical comeback. Just a few weeks ago, San Benito published an unreleased track in which he sends a message to those who criticized him for seemingly going quiet with so much going on in the world. Confident that there are bigger problems in the world, El Conejo Malo sings, “They are fighting because they gave me the title of composer of the year but not for what really matters.”

Bad Bunny will be taking the stage for a free concert this Sunday!

Credit: Uforia / Univision

In an announcement, Uforia, The Home of Latin Music, said that they’d be conducting exclusive live stream performances once a month until the end of the year under the banner of Uforia Live. And Bad Bunny is the first artist to launch the series!

“We are extremely happy to celebrate the richness of Latin culture during Hispanic Heritage Month with this one-of-a-kind live broadcast experience,” said Univision Radio President Jesus Lara.

“We are proud to present Bad Bunny’s artistry, which has had such a profound impact on our culture and the music industry in general,” he continued.

“Bad Bunny is one of the most popular artists in the world. He constantly manages to break international barriers of language and stereotypes, becoming a global icon of culture and entertainment.”

For all you San Benito fans, the concert will take place on September 20, is completely free, and will be available to watch on Bad Bunny’s YouTube channel, Twitch, and the Uforia app. Stay tuned because Uforia will soon announce the details on upcoming dates and artists.

Although Coronavirus has had a major impact on the music industry, Bad Bunny has found ways to keep himself plenty busy.

Credit: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Despite spending most of the year in quarantine in his native Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny has been extremely busy. From gracing magazine covers and making history in the process to surprise releasing an entire album, Bad Bunny has kept his fans on their toes.

The reggaetonero was also set to perform two sold-out shows on October 30-31 at San Juan’s Hiram Bithorn stadium, but they’ve been canceled in the wake of Covid-19. So this will be the first chance for San Benito fans to witness live renditions from his record-breaking 2020 album YHLQMDLG, and, if we’re lucky, from his follow-up surprise album Las Que No Iban a Salir.

The “Yo Perrea Sola” singer also collaborated with Dua Lipa, J Balvin, and Tainy on a hit single, “Un Día (One Day)”. He’s also set to be recognized with the Hispanic Heritage Award for Vision in recognition for his impact as an artist and activist.

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