If you were to ask Yendry to describe her musical style, she wouldn’t be able to give a simple answer. Her style isn’t limited to a single genre, and that’s what makes Yendry stand out.

Showcasing her Domincan roots in the dembow-infused “Kiki” and the bachata love song “Herrera,” Yendry has a song for every mood.

“I feel like my music reflects my personality,” explains Yendry via Zoom from Mallorca, Spain. “I’m a mix of different things and different influences and different sounds.”

Her roots inspired her music

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Italy, the trilingual artist drew inspiration from the diverse cultures around her. Whether it was listening to Juan Luis Guerra with her mom or Janet Jackson with her dad, Yendry carved out her own sound unique to her.

“I want [my music] to be accessible to people. I still want it to be pop enough to enjoy, but I don’t want limits,” says Yendry.

While speaking on her upcoming album, she highlighted the importance of it not being too Dominican, Italian, or U.S.-American, but rather global. A perfect reflection of who she is and an accurate depiction of her community.

Yendry’s new album will bring exciting collaborations

Her debut album, slated for a summer release, will include a collaboration with fellow Dominican Kiko El Crazy and will be accompanied by a tour that will see her perform in Latin America, Europe, and in the United States.

Yendry most recently released her first ballad, “La Puerta,” that talks about the urge of wanting to open a figurative door to see your loved ones. She dedicated the emotional song to her grandfather, who passed away.

“I cried when I recorded it. But, I knew it was going to be something special. You kind of feel it when you record something, and you get goosebumps,” shared Yendry. However, being vulnerable is nothing new for the artist, who got opened up about the hardships she faced with her mother on “Nena.”

Yendry has goals beyond music

The artist is looking to head to the big screen soon. Being an avid fan of the visual arts, she would like to be a part of a dark comedy or drama film in the future. Her first taste of Hollywood was making a song for “Hotel Transylvania” that left her itching to create more music for films.

Fashion is also something that she’s been playing with since she was young. Yendry would thrift, cut up t-shirts, and borrow clothes, making it her own while falling in love with the process.

As she’s grown, she’s had the opportunity to attend Fashion Week and wear incredible pieces to several events. She even revealed that she would love to make her own clothes. A Yendry clothing line? A must!

Looking ahead for the rest of the year, Yendry is looking forward to celebrating her 30th birthday with her family. “Sounds like something really basic, but I never had one,” says Yendry. However, her biggest goal for the year is releasing her album.

And we can’t wait to hear it!

Watch music video for her ballad “La Puerta” below: