Get ready to ‘RUMBA’ with some good music in Austin, Texas next week!

This year’s SXSW event just got a whole lot hotter with a special showcase presented by Cinq Music & cremabymitu. Appropriately called ‘RUMBA’, the event will highlight fresh faces in the regional Mexican genre.

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With the rapid growth of regional Mexican music this past year alone, it’s only fitting that this showcase dedicates its time to shining a light on upcoming artists in the genre. 

SXSW is looming close, and this is a can’t miss event. So, make sure to get your tickets here to witness all the amazing talent firsthand. 

Here are the six artists that need to be on your radar and that will be at Cinq Music x cremabymitu’s ‘RUMBA’ showcase at ‘The Venue ATX’ in Austin:

6. Ivonne Galaz

Kicking off the event is Ivonne Galaz, who became the first female act to be signed by Rancho Humilde. Hailing from Mexico, the star has already made waves in the regional Mexican urban music scene at just 20 years old.

5. Porte Diferente

Formed back in 2018, the band, Porte Diferente, has made a name for themselves due to their “trap corridos.” The band distinguishes themselves for their unique storytelling, lyrics, and they are ready to show the world that in Austin.

4. Tania Dominguez

By incorporating Lo-Fi beats into her songs, Tania Dominguez has shown that the possibilities are endless when it comes to making music. Her experimenting in the Mexican Urban genre has set her apart from other artists.

3. Los Aptos

If romantic music is what you were looking for or even some sad music for those times, then Los Aptos is for you. The group has become known for their sad sierreño sound and are ready to take this genre to the next level.

2. Janine

Making herself known on “La Voz”, up-and-coming artist Janine has hooked her listeners with her powerful voice and even more powerful lyrics.

1. Poe Leos

Finally, closing out the show is R&B artist on the rise, Poe Leos. With her strong penmanship and soothing voice, Poe Leos is one of the most versatile artists in the industry. Moreover, her versatility doesn’t stop in her singing but also expands into her writing, making her music that much more enjoyable. 

The lineup is stacked and ready to take over Austin. Make sure to get your tickets here, so you don’t miss out!