‘Discover The Forest’ blends the beautiful views of a forest and the soothing sounds of R&B to encourage Latinos to visit their local forests. 

The ‘Discover The Forest’ campaign was launched in 2009 to encourage families to explore the outdoors and “strengthen their connection with nature and with each other,” according to the press release.

This campaign, while focused on helping families who aren’t currently engaging with the outdoors, is also using this time to “foster a sense of belonging in nature among Black and Latino families”. 

‘Discover The Forest’ acknowledges that Black and Hispanic Americans are underrepresented in the outdoors and want this PSA to continue pushing for more diversity and increase their participation in these activities.

Backed by USDA Forest Service and Ad Council, their newest PSA was developed pro bono by David&Goliath and features Mexican singer-songwriter Poe Leos and producer Harv to share their message through an original song and music video called “Outside”.

The music video follows a family of five discovering the outdoors together. The audiovisual production focuses on them dancing to the song and on the different wildlife that can be found in nature. Striking images of butterflies, squirrels, and flowers can be seen throughout the video. 

Poe Leos, who lends her voice to the track, sings in both English and Spanish and is also featured in the music video.

To learn more about ‘Discover The Forest’ mission and campaign click here