If you’ve been following the Shakira-Piqué breakup since last June, you know things are heated.

For one, the “Inevitable” singer said in September 2022 that she was going through her “darkest hour,” describing, “There have been days when I had to pick up the pieces of me from the floor.”

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It makes sense — the singer and soccer star have two children together, and rumors continue to swirl that Piqué left Shakira for 23-year-old Clara Chía Marti. But don’t cry too much for Shakira— her new session with Bizarrap takes aim at her possible-cheater ex, and she she doesn’t hold back. This is the woman that wrote “Objection” after all.

Everything to know about the collab that’s serving all the chisme

The new song, titled “BZRP Music Sessions #53,” is a collab between Shakira and the acclaimed Argentine DJ Bizarrap. You may remember him from the J Balvin-ending tiradera Residente did back in March 2022, so let’s just say the producer is no stranger to controversy.

Shakira’s new music session has already amassed 33 million views in under 24 hours, and it’s easy to see why. The “Waka Waka” star aims a lyrical bomb right at the center of her former romance with Piqué, and doesn’t leave much room to the imagination.

The music session’s lyrics are jaw-dropping

The song starts off by explaining that she is “on another plane already,” and that she’s “not going back,” even if Piqué “cries or begs.”

Shakira says she should have left him long ago, “because a she-wolf” like her is no match for an amateur. Likely harkening back to her father’s many health battles and brain surgery last year, the singer says her ex was “the worst” in her time of need.

Then, things continue to get even more personal, if that was possible. For one, there’s that now iconic line: “I only make music, sorry que te sal-Piqué,” using a play on words to name her ex front-and-center. She says he left her with her suegros as neighbors (yup, they live next to her in Barcelona), and even talks about her tax debt. However, she’s not crying: “Women don’t cry anymore, women make money.” Yas.

Shakira doesn’t just name her soccer player ex-partner. Nope, she names his new girlfriend, too. In the pre-chorus, the singer says, “She has the name of a nice person, Clara-mente she isn’t what she sounds like.” Now we’re just wondering how Clara Chía is feeling right now… at least she’s in a Shakira song?

The song’s chorus describes how Shakira was “too big” for Piqué, so now he’s with someone just like him. She says that she doesn’t “recognize him,” and then there are the few lines that shook the world. “I’m worth two 22’s/ You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo/ You traded a Rolex for a Casio.” Somebody check on Renault Twingos and Casios!

As one Twitter user uncovered, the song is full of hidden references, too

As you may expect, the reaction to the controversial song has swept social media. For one, Twitter user @MelanyMora2605 put together a near-biblical list of references found in the song, and it’s epic.

The user explains that the line about “22” isn’t just about how Piqué left Shakira for Clara Chía, who was then 22 years old. In fact, both Shakira and Piqué were born on February 2 (2/2), and Piqué would sign the numbers with his fingers when he won goals.

Even crazier? Piqué was number 3 for FC Barcelona, and it’s reportedly his favorite number. The Twitter user points out that the song is exactly 3:33 minutes, and the “22” line is said at exactly 2:22. Mensa International did report she was a genius.

Apart from figuring out all the best Easter eggs in the song, social media users have tons of thoughts about it. On one side, some listeners reacted negatively to it. For example, one Twitter user wondered how the song would affect Shakira’s kids, only adding to their stress:

However, as one Twitter user questioned, “Where was this energy when Piqué kept cheating on her on numerous occasion for years?”

Similarly, while one user advised people to “not be Shakira, the ex that doesn’t get over it,” another reminded everyone: “Shakira was with Pique for 12 years. Had two children with him… and Pique cheated on her.”

Meanwhile, others continue to make memes off the song, because— it’s the internet. AKA:

So now, we just have to declare it:

Piqué’s response? He tweeted a few clown and circus emojis before the song dropped, but Shakira definitely doesn’t look like the clown here.