Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía are at the height of their musical careers. Their relationship had many of us wanting that type of love for ourselves. However, after three years together, the pair ended their engagement in July. The news sent the internet into a whirlwind as fans tried to figure out what happened in their failed romance.

As mitú previously reported, the internet also speculated that Rauw had cheated on Rosalía. He quickly dismissed those claims, stating her love was the “truest love story God has allowed him to live.” A few days later, the “Motomami” artist released a statement declaring her love for the Puerto Rican singer and asked for privacy as they navigate such a tough time.

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This Thursday, Rauw released his newest single, “Hayami Hana By Raúl,” which is a Japanese phrase that translates to “a woman of great beauty, unusual and somewhat rare” in Spanish, According to HOLA! The five-minute song is filled with heartfelt lyrics as Rauw navigates through his emotions following the breakup.

You can feel every emotion through Rauw’s words on the track

The singer, born Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, reflects on Rosalía appearance and that she’ll never forget how he loved her. Aww! 

“Just in case we never speak again, and my favorite eyes don’t look at me again, I’m making this for when you want to remember the crazy one who truly loved you,” he sings in Spanish at the beginning of the song. 

Rauw also talks about how the former couple would argue, but always found their way back to each other. “We’ve argued. It’s hard for me to express myself; you already know all my shortcomings. I also have to put up with your things, but the thought of giving up never crossed my mind,” he sings.

TikTok users react to Rauw professing his love for Rosalía

Fans didn’t hesitate to post their reactions to the song. They praised Rauw for being vulnerable on the track and expressing his real feelings.

Some were shedding real tears at different parts of the song, mainly when Rau reminisced on their time together. One TikTok said he cried throughout the song because the words made him too emotional.

There’s always one song in every genre that makes you reflect on your own personal experiences. We’ve been there!

Meanwhile, another user didn’t accept Rauw’s words but loved the song. The comment section was filled with other users who agreed with her.


No acepto pero amo Hayami Hana, ahora es mi canción más personal 🥲 #parati #fyp #chile #rauwalejandro #reaccion

♬ sonido original – dianellacoppo

Another user posted a video hugging an oversized teddy bear with the lyrics on the screen. She couldn’t help but feel emotional like everyone else listening to the song.

TikTok users shared their thoughts in the comment section, with many deciding whether they should make that phone call to their ex. Yikes!

“If a man wrote this about me I’d beg them to come back to me,” one user said.

“CRYING AND THROWING UPPPPPP😭😭😭😭,” another user said.

“This song took me three steps back in my healing process,” a third user wrote.

“Making me want to ask her to start things all over again,” one user expressed.

X users also shared how the song made them feel

The users on X, formerly known as Twitter, were very transparent with their opinions on the song. One user said if she was in Rosalía’s position she would “fold so quick” and take Rauw back.

Another user said Rauw would be similar to how Noah felt about Allie in The Notebook.

Here are a few more reactions from X users on the platform.

What are your thoughts on Rauw’s new song?

The song isn’t available on all streaming platforms. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can check it out below.