Mexican singer Peso Pluma, 24, and Brazilian powerhouse Anitta, 30, hit the stage together on Sunday at the TikTok in the Mix event held at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona.

The two superstars graced the stage to give us the first live performance of their new collaboration, “Bellakeo,” and as the song and music video suggest, things got steamy.

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However, as many fans noticed, Peso Pluma looked a bit “uncomfortable” while singing with Anitta — and some believe it’s because he’s way too “loyal” to reported girlfriend, Nicki Nicole.

As one X user wrote about Anitta, the “Envolver” star clearly wanted her performance to be as “lit” as possible:

As shown in videos, Anitta and Peso Pluma sang lyrics like “When you move like that, the ambiance becomes dangerous” for the Arizona crowd, and the fans watching on TikTok Live.

Still, some viewers noticed how Anitta gave her usual sultry dance performance… but Peso Pluma was giving us nothing. As the Regional Mexican singer looked slightly terrified to perrear back, fans continued to comment how “uncomfortable” he looked while performing.

Is it because he’s such a “loyal man to Nicki Nicole”? Many seem to think so — and as you can expect, we now have about 5,678 hilarious memes about the moment. Ahead, find the funniest fan reactions to Anitta and Peso Pluma being on different wavelengths while singing “Bellakeo.” Prepare to crack up.

These memes poke fun at Peso Pluma for respecting Nicki Nicole way too hard while singing with Anitta

As one hilarious X user described the performance, “Anitta almost gave Peso Pluma a heart attack” when she danced closer to him, and we can’t stop cracking up:

And then… the memes commenced. One of our favorites? People comparing Peso Pluma and Anitta to Smithers from “The Simpsons” covering his eyes in a strip club. LOL:

“Bird Box”? Is that you? Nope, just Peso Pluma really trying not to get in trouble with Nicki Nicole after his “Bellakeo” performance:

This meme might give us the most Peso Pluma-Anitta vibes of all, and it may or may not be because of the actor’s hair. We said what we said!

While the rumor mill has long taken this video to mean that Leo Messi does not touch other women apart from his wife, we’re thinking Peso Pluma is in the same club now. The “very-in-love-with-his-partner” club, that is:

Breaking: we might have a live depiction of Nicki Nicole after watching that TikTok in the Mix performance.

Similarly, this was exactly Peso Pluma’s face while Anitta nonchalantly gave her best perreo around him. We’re dying:

Adding to the chisme, one X user said the “Ella Baila Sola” singer “did the minimum that a woman asks from her partner.” Meanwhile, they said Anitta could make that woman “overthink”:

However, not everyone agrees. As another X user wrote, “It’s just work.” They added, “[Peso Pluma] behaved well, he didn’t even look at [Anitta], he was loyal to Nicki Nicole.”

Others agree with that sentiment, saying Peso Pluma “avoiding looking at” Anitta “proves that when men fall in love, they’re loyal 24/7.” While we’re not so sure about that, it’s something to think about!

Overall, the consensus is clear — “Anitta can drive anyone crazy” and we’re here for it.