Peso Pluma‘s summer Doble P Tour is underway, making stops in Inglewood, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. That being said, his recent concert in Alpharetta, Georgia‘s Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, is getting attention for an unexpected reason. Interestingly, it has more to do with his kindness than his hit songs.

As recorded by TikTok user Gladys Pacheco, Peso Pluma stopped midway through his Friday night concert in Alpharetta. In the video, you can see how the 24-year-old stops his performance and notices a fan struggling in the audience.

The “Ella Baila Sola” singer quickly signaled the musicians onstage to stop playing and pointed out the fan. He then repeated into his microphone, “We have to take him out,” and “We have to help him” until security guards sprung into action.

Peso Pluma showed his care for a fan struggling at his Alpharetta concert

After stopping one of his songs midway, Peso Pluma directed audience members how to help the person in need best. As per TikTok user Pacheco, who seemed to have been at the concert, the man had “almost fainted” in the crowd.

The “Tulum” singer told concertgoers, “Make space for him please. The people who are there, make space so he can pass. Careful.”

He then explained that security guards would help the fan, saying, “Security is going to pass.” Later, the singer directed himself at a security guard in English: “Can you please go? Please go and check on him.”

After that, Peso Pluma asked the crew onstage for water, giving it to the fan in the audience. He continued to ask concertgoers to “make space.”

From the looks of the video, it seems like the fan recovered. At that point, Peso Pluma screamed into the mic, “Sano y salvo,” or “Safe and sound,” while other concertgoers cheered.

The Zapopan-born singer then talked with his fans. After the incident, he told them, “Hey, please, the people who are in front, please don’t push each other. We don’t want anything bad to happen.”

“We have to maintain distance,” he added. As concertgoer Pacheco wrote in her video, “[Peso Pluma] worries about his fans.”

Now, several fans are commenting on the TikTok video, noting Peso Pluma’s heartwarming reaction to the struggling fan.

One user said it all by writing, “This guy has earned my respect again and again! He is so caring! Peso Pluma you are an awesome human.” Tons more agreed: “This is what you call a singer that cares about his fans.”

Another TikToker added, “The time that his success lasts, he will always be remembered for being so humble and human.”

In fact, while some referred to the 2021 Astroworld Festival tragedy that took ten lives in a crowd crush, one person mentioned: “Let him be an example to many of those artists that care more about their money than their fans.”

Many more agreed: “As he should, he cares about his fans and [has] their back 💯. Not anyone does this and cares for their fanbase.”

Even non-fans are noting Peso Pluma’s humility: “Don’t like his music but respect on a whole other level for him.”

Lastly, this video from the concert is why we needed to attend Peso Pluma’s Doble P tour. Epic.