Peso Pluma has given his fans lots to talk about this week. The 24-year-old icon of corridos tumbados is currently on tour in South America for the first time in his career, and things have kicked off with an interesting twist.

In Argentina, concerned fans watched him get dangerously close to the crowd, to the point security had to intervene. After the show, videos started circulating on social media speculating that Double P may have been taking drugs during the concert.


Peso Pluma recibiendo el amor del publico argentino 🫶🏻🇦🇷

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However, his latest spectacle comes after his show in Quito, Ecuador. A video of him smashing a television screen and throwing it off the stage has gone viral, and let’s just say fans are still shocked.

Fans were eager for Peso Pluma’s first show in Ecuador

Quito was ready to experience Peso Pluma’s hits live for the first time. One fan on X even compared his visit to the Pope’s back in January.

The singer played all the hits, from “Lady Gaga” to “Ella Baila Sola” and even his new song with Anitta, “Bellakeo.” In two separate instances, he grabbed a monitor and threw it off the stage between speakers on the ground.

Stage rage or performance art?

In one shot, he’s wearing a white long-sleeved shirt while performing “Zapata.” He walks over to one side of the stage and kicks a television monitor twice before grabbing it and throwing it off stage.

In other videos, he’s wearing a black short-sleeved shirt and again, as he’s dancing along to his band he bends over, unplugs another monitor at the center of the stage, and throws it towards the audience. He then jumps off the stage and walks towards the crowd while singing “Lady Gaga.”

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♬ sonido original – Joseph Silva 👼🏻

It’s common for concerts to have monitors on stage to help interpreters with the lyrics and often the band. Some on TikTok were quick to poke fun at Peso Pluma after lashing out at the monitor: “What did I say that was so bad?” they wrote from the perspective of the screen.

Others in the media did not quite know what to make of Peso Pluma’s erratic behavior, calling it a “payasada.”

One person also compared it to the frustrating feeling of buying a cheap TV, only to find out it doesn’t work when you bring it back home.

Even more, he was compared to Bad Bunny‘s previous outbursts (cue in phone gate).

Peso Pluma previously said he struggles with anxiety

Peso Pluma has not commented on what went wrong during his Quito show or why he threw those monitors off stage. But the young and rising star has talked about his mental health conflicts in the past.

In October, he told the New York Times that like many under the spotlight, he struggles with anxiety.

 “A lot of people don’t know that I have anxiety breakouts,” he said. “It is very important for people who have mental issues to be treated and to talk about it.”