Peso Pluma, is making headlines, and this time, it isn’t just for being the artist with the most songs on Spotify’s global chart.

The “Luna” singer performed epiacally at Miami‘s LIV nightclub on Saturday night, but what came after the concert was even more notable.

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As the Zapopan-born star passed a slew of people, he stopped for one fan in particular — and gave him an experience he’ll remember forever.


ahora con este video hasta los que le tiran hate amaran a peso pluma #fyp #parati #pesopluma #viral

♬ CARNAL – Peso Pluma & Natanael Cano

A viral TikTok video with more than six million views shows Peso Pluma walking past fans the night of his Miami concert. You can see how the “Ella Baila Sola” star immediately sees a disabled fan who is excited to see one of his favorite acts.

At that point, something amazing happened, showing Peso Pluma’s heart is in the right place.

Peso Pluma performed at Miami’s LIV nightclub this past weekend

Peso Pluma’s concert at legendary Miami nightclub LIV was a complete success, with video evidence to prove it.

A video uploaded by the club shows he sang to a full house, with countless people singing every word to hits like “Ella Baila Sola” and Pluma’s Bizarrap session. Warning: the video will give you FOMO, so tread carefully:

Clearly, the performance was a success. Yet another video shows how the audience barely let Peso Pluma sing his own song — because they were belting it out a todo pulmón. Do we also want to drink some tequilita while Peso Pluma serenades us? Yes and yes.

Over on Twitter, fans couldn’t stop talking about the performance. One lucky fan wrote on the platform, “Seeing peso pluma in Miami [tonight] I love my parents 😭❤️” and all we have to say is… goals.

Many more said the performance looked “dope,” and 10/10 agree. Even the nightclub venue asked on TikTok, “Can you come every weekend @Peso Pluma??? Asking for a friend.”

Still, what happened once the concert finished was all the more special.

A viral video shows Peso Pluma’s heartwarming interaction with a fan in Miami

As you can see from the viral video the “La Bebe” star’s heart is made of gold.

While walking past a group of people, the singer stopped immediately upon seeing a disabled fan. The fan was clearly excited to see the singer up close, like anyone else would be.

Pluma starts by asking the fan, “How are you? How are you, carnal?” and goes straight toward him.

The singer hugs him, continuing to ask, “How are you?”

A TikTok video that shows another angle of the interaction shows how Pluma notices the fan likes his cap.

He asks, “You like it?” telling him, “I’m going to send you a cap, okay? I’m going to send you a cap.”


Peso Pluma se para a saludar y regala gorra a fan con discapacidad. #Latinus #InformaciónParaTi

♬ original sound – Latinus

Afterward, the singer tells someone nearby, “Grab a cap from the truck so he can wear it.”

Peso Pluma then tells the fan, “We’re here for you okay? Dios te bendiga, mi niño.”

The star gives him a kiss on the head, and yes, we’re all tearing up right now.

Many people continue talking about the sweet moment on social media, commenting on what a “kind gesture” it was:

As another fan put it, the moment was “so sweet,” telling Pluma: “You have your spot in heaven, mijo.”