Maluma — otherwise known as “Maluma Baby” — recently made a hilarious appearance on Bobbi Althoff’s “The Really Good Podcast.” While Althoff is known for her dry humor, Maluma gave the podcast life, talking about his plans for children, his sister’s age (oops), and spending time with his “horses, cows, chickens, [and] sheep” on his farm in Medellín, Colombia.

One of the most notable parts of the interview, though? Apparently, Maluma has many thoughts on women snoring.

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As you can see in a clip of the interview, Althoff interviewed the “Felices Los 4” singer while holding her sleeping baby. Surprised, Maluma asked the interviewer, “She’s still sleeping?” and got even more shook once he heard the baby snore.


My full interview with @Juan Luis is out now

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“Oh! Where did she get [the snoring] from? From you?” Maluma asked Althoff. “It’s normal. Women also snore.” No lies detected. Is Maluma the feminist king we didn’t know we needed?

Then, the singer expressed his questions about women who don’t admit to snoring. “Why does every woman say that they don’t snore? That’s so funny.” He later said he has asked “five” women if they snore or not.

So why all these intrusive snoring questions? What’s the obsession? In short, Maluma uses a snoring lie detector to find out if women are honest or not. Well, sort of.

“I want to know if they snore,” he explained. “If they’re honest and they say, ‘Yes, sometimes. When I drink maybe a little bit too much, and I have an extra glass of wine, maybe I snore.'”

Adding, “I feel like I can trust that woman.” So if you ever meet Maluma and he asks you his handy-dandy snoring question, you know what to do!

On the new podcast episode, Maluma sang a lullaby — and said “fire” a lot

During his interview with Althoff, Maluma admitted to wanting “to be a dad so bad.”

He explained, “Oh my God, I want to be a dad so bad. But I don’t know, let’s see. Whenever it comes, I’m ready for it.” One interesting thing he pointed out, though? He doesn’t want to get married.

Althoff also asked the “Hawái” singer about his friendship with J Balvin, and how they may have had a rocky relationship at first.

“Now we’re close,” Maluma revealed. “We were not that close. Maybe we were very immature, and we didn’t understand that this is a good competition and not something that can interrupt our careers.”

Also, in the podcast, Maluma uttered the cutest words known to mankind. “I love babies, for real. I love babies, and animals, and puppies.”

He’s also busy learning English and appreciated the chance to come on the podcast and practice. Maluma said he used to have an English teacher, but not anymore: “[My teacher] said I had to practice… He quit because he knew it was time for me to fly by myself.” LOL.

Hilariously enough, Althoff pointed out that both Maluma and J Balvin gave the same response when talking about having money. Do what you love… “and then money comes.”

Throughout the interview, a hair technician braided Maluma’s hair while he answered questions — and he was very excited to get the “T-rex” style:


My full interview with @Juan Luis will be out Thursday

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And then, about halfway through the interview, one of the best moments happened. Maluma began singing the lullaby “Arrorró Mi Niño” to Althoff’s child — and we’ve never been so jealous of a baby before.

Check out this clip of Maluma singing the Spanish lullaby, with lyrics like: “Let’s go to sleep. Stay calm, let’s rest”:


My full interview with @Juan Luis is on YouTube now

♬ original sound – Bobbi

As one X user wrote about that part of the episode, it was cuteness overload:

Another X user added: “I want to be Bobbi [Althoff’s] baby so Maluma sings to me.” And… same!

During the interview, Althoff got up to braid Maluma’s hair at one point — which made him sort of scream in pain. The singer also revealed that he got his nose pierced in Amsterdam eight years ago, and even said he recently changed his phone number because he was “tired of talking to so many people every day.” Stars, they’re just like us!

One of the most notable parts of the interview, though? When Maluma told the characteristically sarcastic Althoff to lighten up a little.

“You should enjoy a little bit,” he said. “You always look very mad. Like why? Like you hate life… You just met me, and I feel like you’re hating on me.” Yes, Maluma got a little salty for a second.

When Althoff replied “I love you” to him, he could only say: “Uf, que profundidad, güevón.”


@Juan Luis thank you for the critique. Ill do better .. full interview on Youtube now

♬ original sound – Bobbi

Later, Maluma went on to list all the ways of saying “bro” in Medellín slang: “Huevón, parcero, mi niño, ey, loco, yo, la buena, niño, nea.”

And yes, we admit this was us during most of the podcast episode: