Keke Palmer is a woman of many talents, and singing in Spanish is one of them. She recently performed a Selena Quintanilla song that left her audience impressed.

Palmer is known for nailing her cover of Selena’s “Amor Prohibido,” going viral various times before. During a recent performance, fans asked her to give them ‘a little bit of Selena,’ so she covered an a cappella version of the song live.

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The songstress, who has shown to be a fan of Selena’s music for a long time, has been filmed (and filmed herself) singing the cover of what Billboard refers to as her “go-to karaoke song” multiple times in over a decade.

Now, a cover of Selena Quintanilla’s “Amor Prohibido” resurfaced from 10 years ago on YouTube, where she also shows off her vocal range.

Keke Palmer has Selena fans’ stamp of approval

In the resurfaced video, Selena fans flooded the comments complimenting Palmer for “her homage to Quintanilla. As one fan wrote, Palmer was “doing Selena justice.”

Another added, “Latino’s appreciate that you sang a Selena song […] she was and still is something that the Latin community is proud of xoxo.”

Others acknowledged the similarity in her voice and Selena’s when hitting certain notes.

“Go Keke go Keke Finally someone who does Selena’s songs justice,” said a user.

Some fans even did the legwork of giving us timestamps. “At 1:00 when she sings “corazon” she sounds exactly like Selena. Wow, just wow,” they said.

Something that wasn’t on many fans’ bingo cards? Loving this particular cover.

“I didn’t realize her voice was that strong!  I’m very picky about Selena covers. She definitely did the song justice in my opinion. The only thing that could have made it better would be better pronunciation… but obviously Spanish isn’t a language she speaks so the pronunciation was understandable,” said a third user.

Palmer and Adrienne Bailon also covered “Amor Prohibido” together in the past.

Black female artists such as Diana Ross and Donna Sommer influenced Selena’s music

Legendary Black female artists were a part of Selena’s inspiration for becoming the dynamic artist she was and the influence she continues to have today.

In her performances and clothes, she paid tribute to artists such as Diana Ross and Donna Summer. She also paid homage to their Disco style. Alexa, play Selena’s Disco Medley.

We love to see our queen celebrated!