Karol G is known to release hit after hit, topping the charts with absolute bangers like “Tusa” featuring Nicki Minaj (name a better song to dance to a wedding, we’ll wait); the #1 Billboard hit “Provenza and of course, “El Barco” (we’re still obsessed). That being said, she recently revealed that her iconic track “Punto G” was originally meant to have a collaboration with Shakira.

While just the thought of Colombian powerhouses Karol G and Shakira on one same track is making our hearts beat faster, it seems like Shakira’s team rejected the possible collab. The “Bichota” songstress sat down with YouTuber MoluscoTV to talk about her career, life and everything in between. But not before giving all the inside details about what really went down with “Punto G.”

As Karol G explained to Molusco, she was fresh off collaborating with rap legend Minaj on “Tusa,” and was interested in pursuing features with other artists — especially icons like Shakira.

Her collab with Minaj gave her an extra boost of confidence, sharing: “I wasn’t scared to knock on [Shakira’s] door, just like one day I knocked on Nicki Minaj’s door and she told me ‘yes’… I sent her a DM and she said ‘yes,’ it was that easy.”

However, getting the “Inevitable” singer on a track proved a bit more difficult. Karol G described how she sings, “If you’re with Shakira, J.Lo or Karol G” on her track “Punto G,” so she thought it would be perfect to feature both singers on the song.

She remembers thinking, “I’m going to call Shakira and if the opportunity arises, we’ll call J.Lo and make the song. I’m not saying I’m at their level, but I’m saying that Daddy Yankee taught us that big artists also give opportunities to new artists because they’re the next [generation].”

So what happened? The “MAMIII” singer thought, “What is the worst that can happen? That they tell me ‘no?’” But that is exactly what occurred. Although Shakira did not personally say “no” to the Medellín-born singer, it seems like her team rejected the possibility. 

Karol G explained, “[We sent the song] to her team, to her label… we sent the song and it didn’t work out.” 

Is the Colombian singer salty about the rejection? Not in the slightest. She told Molusco, “They are artists that have a long trajectory, that have done impressive things worldwide. I’m on the way.”

Looking towards the future, Karol G said, “If tomorrow I have another song that I feel in my heart is meant to be sung with [Shakira], I will knock on her door again.”

Karol G continued to show her adoration for Shakira on the Coachella stage back in April 2022, where she included a rendition of the icon’s track “Hips Don’t Lie,” that we’re still dancing to.

Meanwhile, Shakira showed her utmost support by tweeting, “Proud of you @karolg at Coachella!! Thanks for the love! Congratulations and keep flying high!!!”