Sound the alarms — Karol G might have just confirmed her relationship with fellow Colombian singer Feid after months of fan speculation. The two Medellín-born stars took part in a perreo to end all perreos at Karol G’s San Juan, Puerto Rico concert this past weekend, and let’s just say it was “Friki— and actually adorable, too.

This is how Karol G and Feid seemingly confirmed their relationship

Karol G had a 3-day run of concerts at San Juan’s Hiram Bithorn stadium this past weekend, which brought a dose of rumba estilo-Medellín to the island. She brought out several artists during her shows, including Romeo Santos, Young Miko, and Mariah Angeliq, but one special guest in particular truly stood out. Amid all the “Gatúbela” energy and all the perreo and fun you could expect from our sirenita, we got a performance from Karol G and Feid that dropped jaws everywhere.

As you can see in all those much-talked-about fan videos, Karol G brought out Feid as her very special guest during her concert to sing their joint track “Friki.” While they sang emblematic lyrics like “Si me apaga la luz, yo lo pongo a perder/ Me volteó y me dijo, ese c*lito, ¿qué talla es?,” they also gave us an iconic perreo. That being said, as you can see in a lengthier video, the dance started in the cutest way possible.

While they began singing the track from farther away, Feid told the “TQG” star: “Usted la baila más chimba conmigo,” a sign for her to come closer and dance with him. We’re dying.

She laughed, and obliged — giving us all the moment fans have waited months for after so much relationship speculation between them. By the end, audience members yelled, “Beso, beso, beso,” and you can sort of see Feid hoping for it. Here’s a close-up of the moment, because we’re chismosas here and not ashamed:


Replying to @amandaavina13 El público gritó “beso” 💋 y fuimos ignorados pero hoy hay round 2😏💜😂 #feid #karolg #musica #colombia #medellin #puertorico

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Karol G confirmed their romance in another way, and fans can’t believe it

But wait, there’s more. The most obvious confirmation of the romance wasn’t just Karol G and Feid’s incredible chemistry onstage — it seems like the “Cairo” singer actually admitted it all point-blank. As shown in this TikTok video, she introduced her new song “Tus Gafitas” by saying, “Esta canción es pa’ Feid,” or, “This song is for Feid.” Need we say more? Thank God for TikTok sleuths giving us all the “Bichota” tea.

As outlined before, Karol G and Feid’s possible romance has been speculated about for months. In fact, fans have even made several social media accounts dedicated to their possible relationship, such as this one that’s been running since earlier last year. Fan edits abound, finding similarities between their posts for possible couple confirmation — such as when Karol G wore his iconic white “gafitas”:

The rumors between them seemed to have all started when they dropped their hit track “Friki” together back in December 2021. The song and video showed their early chemistry together, coming months after Karol G’s breakup from ex Anuel AA, and also showed their love of perreo together (watch for the end!):

Karol G recently talked about finding love again

By this year, Karol G also dropped a chisme bomb while speaking to the New York Times. Last month, the singer told the outlet that while she had lost hope on love, somebody had sparked her faith in romance again. She said, “Life just brought somebody to my life that is like making me feel happy again, so [I] wanted to share moments with somebody else again.”

Now that Karol G just officially confirmed “Tus Gafitas” is about Feid, it seems pretty obvious he’s the mystery man that helped her curar el cora. The song does include adorable lyrics like, “I think about you every night, I only want time to pass to see you again” and “I’ve been alone for a long time and I don’t know how to act/ It’s obvious I like you and I can’t hide it.”

Later on, we get lyrics that are a testament to what the Medellín-born singer said in the interview: “I didn’t believe in love, but for you, I believe again.” Swoon.

This is how fans are reacting to the possible couple

If Karol G and Feid are indeed a couple now, let’s just say we’re obsessed — and fans are, too. As one Twitter user put it, “Feid and Karol g need to make it official already, the chemistry between those two is just 🤌🏻,” and we have to agree. Another wrote, “Karol g’s relationship w feid just proves you do move on and find better 💚💚💚💚.”

And then, this tweet just summed it all up:

We stan the King and Queen of Medellín!