Karol G‘s new record “Mañana Será Más Bonito” is a chart-topping success, becoming the first woman in history with a #1 all-Spanish album in the U.S.

The Medellín-born singer is bigger than ever, and with her rise to immense success, she noticeably has more creative control. Her new music video for “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora” is a testament to that, depicting the singer looking happy and relaxed as she traverses O’ahu.

Now, more information is coming to light that Karol G actually dedicated the super-positive track to her sister dealing with postpartum depression.

All about Karol G’s brand-new music video for “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora”

One look at the new music video is enough to put a smile on your face, showing the beautiful Hawaiian island’s people, beaches, a plate of delicious shrimp, drinking from coconuts, some chickens, and even a rogue snow-cone. The video, directed by frequent Karol G collaborator Pedro Artola, is an instant favorite for both of them. While Artola said it’s his favorite video “ever,” Karol G wrote on Instagram: “This is probably one of the most special videos I’ve recorded in my life.”

While the video shows the “Tusa” singer dancing around O’ahu’s beaches, swimming, petting a horse, driving a red car, and even getting her palm read, the lyrics are just as calming. Karol G sings, “Give me time, I’m not in my best moment, but I get better little by little. Today I’m down, but I know tomorrow is a better day.”

The song continues, “It’s okay not to feel good, it’s normal, it’s not a crime. I’m alive, I don’t need anything else, and while my heart cures, I’m going to the beach because it’s sunny.”

Karol G dedicated the song to her sister, Vero Giraldo Navarro

Both the lyrics and video for “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora” transmit positivity and a healing vibe, which many fans are so thankful for. Someone who is even more thankful, though? None other than Karol G’s own sister, makeup artist Vero Giraldo Navarro.

Giraldo Navarro took the time to comment on Karol G’s Instagram post about her new song, writing, “Thank you sister for dedicating this song to me in the moment I needed it most… I love you and I will always be thankful ❤️.”

When referencing the moment she needed her sister’s support most, the makeup artist was actually talking about her difficult bout of postpartum depression. In fact, Giraldo Navarro has been quite vocal about her struggle with her mental health after giving birth to a healthy baby girl earlier this year.

This is what Giraldo Navarro had to say about her struggles after giving birth

As per InfoBae, the makeup artist took to IG stories to say: “I am receiving psychiatric and psychological help, I am also on medication. I became depressed while pregnant and they gave me medication to avoid postpartum depression, but I got it.”

Talking about the situation, Giraldo Navarro said, “Unfortunately everything changed for me eight days ago… After I had Sophi, I don’t know what happened in my body, mind, and heart. Every time I felt lonelier, or I feel lonely knowing I have everything, [but] I don’t feel good, I don’t feel calm.”

She continued, “So many things are going through my mind. Even though I know I have people around me, I feel so sad.” Still, she said “thinking positive” has helped her, saying everyday: “We are okay, we love each other, this will pass.”

Still, so many of Giraldo Navarro’s followers are applauding her for spreading awareness of postpartum depression. One IG user related to her struggles, writing, “I felt the same, I only cried, was sad, sometimes I would cry for no reason… My heart hurt.”

Another agreed, “I went through the same thing, it’s the worst feeling, you don’t know what’s happening but seeing your baby’s face is healing. Get better soon 🙏🏻.” Hundreds more are commenting their well wishes, while also finding solace in the makeup artist’s posts.

The Colombian singer recently dedicated another song to her sister

Karol G dedicating her new track “Mientras Me Curo Del Cora” to her sister isn’t the first time she shows her major support. In fact, she also made a huge gesture for her when she performed in the Viña Del Mar festival last month.

Before singing her album’s title track “Mañana Será Más Bonito,” the star told the audience: “[My sister] blessed us a few days ago with a baby, and for obvious reasons for things that happen to women after birth, she hasn’t felt happy these days.”

Karol G continued, “Vero, I love you, it doesn’t matter what happens, tomorrow will be a better day. I dedicate this song to you tonight.” She then sang a beautiful, pared-down version of the song accompanied by a ukelele.

Both of the singer’s gestures towards her sister show the beautiful bond they share, and that tomorrow will surely be “más bonito” for both of them.