Colombian superstar Karol G invited Grupo Firme to sing with her at her  $trip Love Tour show in Hidalgo, Texas, and let’s just say we need an official collaboration stat.

Karol G’s Hidalgo concert took place on Saturday, October 1 at Payne Arena, bringing the packed house down with hits like “MAMIII,” “Provenza,” and her latest track “Gatúbela.” The night was already one to remember and only became even more iconic when the Medellín-born star brought in the regional Mexican band Grupo Firme to sing their biggest hits together.

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The crowd went wild— but it wasn’t the first time the Banda had shown their love for the Colombian singer’s music. The “El Tóxico” band performed Karol G’s hit “Tusa” just last week at their free concert at Ciudad de México’s Zócalo. 

Breaking a record by bringing together more than 280,000 people in the Mexican venue, it seems like the Tijuana-based band was preparing us for the real surprise just days away.

Grupo Firme singer Eduin Cazares was clearly having a blast singing “Tusa” all over again at Karol G’s show— this time duetting with the “Bichota” herself, of course. While that moment was truly special, the two made their audiences sing even louder when they started singing Grupo Firme’s legendary hit “Ya Supérame.” 

Cazares, Karol G, and the thousands of people who filled up the arena could be heard singing lyrics like “¡Ya, supérame! Porque yo ya te olvidé, ando tan feliz sin ti” a todo pulmón— and we just got goosebumps.

Karol G took to IG stories to talk about her experience singing with Grupo Firme, saying that their track “Ya Supérame” is her “favorite” and exclaiming, “Que chimbaaaa!!!” 

The singer also described how “since the tour started,” and she took her music to “places all around the world,” the best thing she has given herself is the opportunity to invite artists she “grew up admiring” to join her at the shows. During this tour, the star has brought in stars like Anahí and Grupo Niche to her concerts. “Sharing our musical styles, our roots and our cultures onstage… has been an HONOR and a gift both for [the fans] and myself,” she wrote on Instagram.

She described the Hidalgo concert as an “incredibly special night” and said she loves regional Mexican music. Posting tons of photos and videos with Grupo Firme on her stories.

From her smiles and incredible chemistry onstage, it’s clear both musical acts are big fans of each other— and we’re crossing our fingers there’s a new Mexican-flavored remix of “Tusa” out soon.