There is no denying the influence and legacy of Britney Spears’ career. Despite the journey life has taken her on, her music is universal to scores of people worldwide.

When she broke onto the scene with her hit “Baby One More Time,” people could not look away. Her music perforated people’s consciousness and quickly shot her to icon status. Being a pop princess fan, J Balvin told her how much her music meant to him during a recent encounter.

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Whether people agree or not, Spears and her music are iconic — and Balvin wanted her to know it.

Balvin, Spears and Maluma ran into each other while at a New York restaurant, then this happened

In an interview with E! News, Balvin dishes what went down behind the scenes of the picture Maluma posted. All in all, the interaction was sweet, and saw the Colombian artist praising Spears.

He tells the publication, “We told her how proud we are about her. You know, like she inspired us a lot.”

“We were in love with her. No matter what position you are in music, you gotta give respect for what they have done,” Balvin asserts.


Britney Spears got late night sushi with J Balvin and Maluma in NYC last night.😳😳😳 #britneyspears #jbalvin #maluma #nyc

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The “Qué Pena” musician also expressed that folks worry too much about the “Toxic” singer but that he saw her to be in a good place.

“You know, I saw a really good — really good spirit,” Balvin adds.

The reggaeton star also revealed that if the chance for a duet with Spears would present itself, he would “absolutely” be up for collaborating. 

Spears joked that she didn’t know who she was taking a picture with until after it was posted on social media

HOLA! reported that Spears admitted not knowing who Balvin or Maluma were until much later. 

“Quick trip to NY… I had no idea who these guys were in this restaurant […] !!! #TheWomanInMe,” Spears shared. 


BritneySpears gets late-night sushi with Maluma and JBalvin on NYC trip ahead of book release. More details in our bio.

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Despite her claims of not realizing who the Colombian superstars were, folks still had a lot of love for the picture of the trio.

One Instagram user shared, “Nobody is more iconic than Britney m***** f***ing spears. This made my whole day.”

Another user commented, “This is so random but I love you guys!!!”