Bad Bunny, 29, just released his single “Un Preview,” which has many fans wondering if it really is a “preview” of his new album. And while we can only hope to get a fifth Benito album soon, fan opinions are divided over the new song.

While some listeners are hyped about the song in all its “tra, tra, tra,” glory, others aren’t so convinced. As one X user wrote, “I love Bad Bunny, he’s my number one guy, but ‘Un Preview’ didn’t move me. I feel I have listened to it a thousand times.”

Still, others disagree, calling the new song a certified “banger.”

One thing we can all agree on, though? “Un Preview” seems to be about Kendall Jenner, 27 — just check out all the horse imagery in the video. It’s giving romantic horseback riding date, like the one they went on back in April.

One more thing? In the video, Bad Bunny actually twirls around the bandana he wore with Jenner at Coachella. Coincidence or not?

Here’s everything fans are saying about “Un Preview,” the good, the bad, and all the theories about Benito and Jenner.

While some fans are loving Bad Bunny’s new song, others ask, “Where’s the sazón?”

All of the “Un Preview” hype started last week after Bad Bunny wrote about the song on his WhatsApp fans channel.

As you can see in an X screenshot, the singer told his listeners, “I’m trying to send you guys a preview of the new song but I have bad signal… it doesn’t want to send.”

Of course, fans went wild, speculating about the song. Little did they know, Bad Bunny had already told them the single’s title, “Un Preview.” Ah, Benito.

However, once Bad Bunny released the song last night, fans immediately had mixed opinions. One X user wrote, “Bad Bunny’s new song just doesn’t hit.” Referencing Benito’s 2022 song “El Apagón,” they questioned, “Where’s the sazón? Batería y reggaetón?”

Others instead joked about the song’s beat, even though it’s admittedly perfect for perreo:

Yet another X user commented that while the song isn’t “bad,” it’s “very similar” to his past releases. “It is the same beats, the same music,” they wrote.

That being said, some people are loving the new single. One X user questioned, “Am I the only one that loves Bad Bunny’s new song?” Give us around three more listens and we might just be 100% on board.

Another wrote point-blank that “Un Preview” is “actually good”:

And yes, many others are calling it a “banger”:

Still, as one fan wrote, many of Bad Bunny’s new songs “take a while to grow on [them]”:

And others, well, are wondering if Bad Bunny is “trolling” with this new song, which tells you exactly what they think of it:

Some fans are taking “Un Preview” as Benito’s relationship confirmation with Jenner

While Bad Bunny’s fanbase is pretty divided over his new song, most agree that it seems to be about Kendall Jenner. Or should we say… Candle Jenner?

With lyrics like “Baby, I’m not scared of trying you and falling in love again,” and “Let them talk, there’s no need to worry,” it might just be about Benito and Jenner’s divisive, possible relationship.

One more lyric that cemented that theory though? “Tu eres mi vaquera,” or “my cowgirl.” Jenner grew up riding horses and is a noted equestrian… so yes, we’re dying.

Just take a look at this comparison of some of Jenner’s photoshoots that include horses, and screenshots from Bad Bunny’s new video:

Over on TikTok, one user posted a clip watching the new music video, captioning it with, “Benito is in love.” A fellow TikToker commented, “The whole video says Kendall,” while another noted, “[Kendall’s] horses, the Bentley and the headscarf he wore to Coachella with her.”

Us, though? Well, we’re just wondering where this Bad Bunny is:

You can catch the full video here: