Becky G has carved out a public persona of a woman who stands up for herself. At its core, much of her music taps into emotions meant to empower women everywhere. So when news broke about Sebastian Lletget’s infidelity, collectively, people rallied around her.

But when one X user shared he had seen Becky and Lletget together again, folks had questions.

While many loved the couple, they understood that no man was worth this much trouble — or so they thought. After the scandal, her music has felt punchier. She was singing from a place of pain, hurt and deep understanding. With new pictures, however, the tides seem to have shifted a little for the “MAMIII” singer.

During a coffee run in his local neighborhood, a Latino X user spotted Becky and Lletget having a moment

A Latino X user named Carcano took to the platform to document the chance encounter between the FC Dallas player and the singer.

“When you casually exit your apartment to get a cup of coffee and you run into Becky G and Lletget,” he shared.

Folks were questioning whether the user really did see them. Many asked him to provide photographic proof that he had seen the two out and about. 

One user said, “​​Don’t lie to me like that bestie,” while another noted that they hoped the two “looked happy.”

His response to them was simple. Carcano didn’t believe he needed to prove what he had seen. He asserted he wanted to respect their privacy.

“I don’t need to show any proof and I especially want to respect their privacy. I just thought it was cool seeing them at my local coffee shop,” he added.

He later took a picture of Becky and Lletget at a kiosk at what seemed to be a local street market.

“Told yall I wasn’t lying,” he affirmed.

Being the supportive girlfriend, Carcano’s boo also shared on X the experience her boyfriend had. This further supports his claim of having seen the singer and soccer player.

“Not my boyfriend outing Becky G and Sebastian Lleget on Twitter. Funniest thing is that Lleget confirms it on his IG with the cups of COFFEE and saying ‘finally,’” she adds on X.

However, fans aren’t too thrilled about the possible reconciliation, wondering if they never broke up

Despite the possible budding reconciliation, people were not thrilled at the thought of seeing them together again. Many made this known in the comments of a Crema Instagram post. Many comments ranged from “You can do better” to “They’ve always been together.”

One user said, “[M]an this sucks. he’s hot af, and they were sooo cute together, but we all know cheaters never change esp if they got away with it once.” 

“Girl NOOOO WHY […] there better guys in the premier league pls,” another Instagram user asserted.


Some folks made jokes about Becky being seen with Lletget.

One person quipped, “I guess she does look back when she parks,” referencing Becky’s “MAMIII” lyrics.

Another Instagram user noted Becky might have a more practical reason for linking up with Lleget again.

“Maybe he never actually left the picture, or maybe it’s the holidays season, and he makes her tamales,” they commented.

Others stated how they never believed Lleget was ever out of the picture.

“I never believed they broke up trip some of us don’t learn the first few times. I’m not judging her I’ve been there, but he’ll do it again. She may be one of those that just allows it. Sad, but it’s her life,” they asserted.

Someone recalled that it’s not the first time a celeb woman has taken back an unfaithful partner.

“Who cares – Look at Rhi Rhi – look at Beyoncé – who are we to judge,” they expressed.