If you grew up listening to the classic Aqua hit “Barbie Girl,” singing along to lyrics like “Imagination, life is your creation” and “Come on Barbie, let’s go party,” you’re going to love this Mexican brass band’s viral cover of it. Let’s just say “it’s fantastic”!

Guadalajara-based Tenampa Brass Band is known for posting tons of fun videos on their TikTok page, like this recent cover of The Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea” we can’t stop listening to. There’s no doubt the clip just made us realize all kinds of wonderful things surround us… so nope, we’re not looking for more.

Tenampa has the spirit… and you got to hear it

The talented band describes themselves as brass-based with an undeniable “tapatío groove,” pointing to the nickname for people from Guadalajara.

In fact, as per their Soundcloud page, they are all from Guadalajara, but are also just as inspired by New Orleans jazz bands — evidenced in their musical style and how they constantly play on the street.

While bringing in elements from New Orleans’ jazz traditions, the band explains that all of their music still “has the spirit and Mexican touch” of each member.

Their musical concept is totally unique “thanks to the energy and creativity” each bandmate brings to the stage, and their “Mexican groove and surprises” make them addictive to watch — especially when they’re making us sing along to “You can touch, you can play if you say, ‘I’m always yours’” after more than two decades.

Watching the band’s “Barbie Girl” cover just once immediately makes you realize why they’re blowing up on social media — and why some of their videos have amassed more than a million views. 

Playing the Aqua song “estilo Tenampa” at Guadalajara’s Plaza de Armas, the band is contagiously high energy, bringing positive vibes that would make anyone ready to sing “let’s go party.” While each member is amazing, let’s just say it — the trombone player deserves a raise!

The comments on the video do not disappoint, with the band Aqua themselves writing, “Loving this! 🥰” (us too!).

Another user commented, “The guy with the trombone is hella vibing lol” with yet another follower describing how “The horns were everything! 🔥🔥🔥.” 

One TikToker wrote that this version is “better than the original,” and — sorry to our 5-year-old selves — we have to say we agree. “Barbie Girl” a la Tenampa for the win!