If you’re a Bad Bunny fan, you might have already seen the now-viral video of the reggaeton singer kissing a woman at a San Juan, Puerto Rico, nightclub after his concert at El Coliseo. With fans going absolutely crazy over it, TikTok got to the bottom of who the woman is — and what her alleged boyfriend has to say about it.

In the video, you can see how the woman in the green dress attempts to take a selfie with the “Callaíta” rapper, and ends up kissing him. She says “oops” while smiling and dancing, and he looks surprised, but laughs it off. 

A later video posted on social media shows that Bad Bunny, 28, then came back for a second kiss with her, which let’s just say was a bit more passionate:

As you can expect, “Un Verano Sin Ti” fans everywhere were equally shocked and just a little jealous — while others couldn’t help but think of Bad Bunny’s once-rumored girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri, 28. As one fan pointed out, the star of the rapper’s “Titi Me Preguntó” music video was actually there at the same club that night.

That being said, Bad Bunny recently made clear to everyone that he and Berlingeri are just “best friends” and not in a relationship. The artist explained in a recent Instagram Live, “My private life is so private, you guys don’t know anything… Me and Gabriela are intimate friends, we’re best friends. We’re besties.” He continued, “Right now me and Gabriela are best friends… If she has a boyfriend tomorrow, she can have him… And if I have a girlfriend, I can have one.” 

While that cleared up any speculation that the pair were in fact in an exclusive relationship, there’s still some drama regarding that now-infamous nightclub kiss. While Bad Bunny is definitely a free man, the woman he kissed at the club possibly had a boyfriend… who has decided to speak out on the subject.

TikTok user @angelesfrancoo gave us all the chisme on who the woman is: her name is allegedly Karla Diaz Santana, and has a private Instagram page. As per the TikToker’s video, Santana actually posted a video of that kiss on IG. Set to the background music of “Titi Me Preguntó,” the video then shows Bad Bunny’s many other encounters with women. 

While it seems like it may just be true that Bad Bunny in fact does have “muchas novias,” one user on TikTok pointed out: “He has hinted so many times at this. I don’t think he’s monogamous, and I’m sure he lets his partners know.” Which, true. 

Meanwhile, @angelesfrancoo posted another TikTok video detailing the situation between Santana and her now ex-boyfriend, obtaining audio where he talks about his perspective on the incident. Yes, chisme!

Explaining how the woman kissed the rapper and “dejó a un pendejo,” the TikToker said that Santana indeed had “a man,” who seems like his name is Badran. The man is shown in a video saying, “It is what it is… gotta let go… for the streets.”

He described, “[She told me] ‘Bad Bunny kissed me, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to do.’ I’m like, ‘What the f—?’ and she showed me the video… but not even the whole thing, she cut it in half.”

The man continued, “Later on I started seeing the videos of her… bending over and making out with him… Little did I know, I’m the idiot.” While it seems like the couple were actually not exclusive and did not label the relationship (aka she did nothing wrong), his insight lends a bit more light on all the facts, and we’re here for the tea.