It seems like Anuel AA is always involved in some kind of drama lately — but in this case, he may be jumping head-first into the chisme on purpose.

Amid Karol G‘s wildly-successful album release for “Mañana Será Más Bonito,” which made her the first female artist in history to have a Spanish-language album reach No. 1 in the U.S., let’s just say her ex Anuel’s behavior has been… odd.

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While he’s certainly thrown some “indirectas” at Karol G on social media, he’s mainly focusing on her “TQG” collaborator Shakira — and fans have thoughts.

This whole Karol G-Anuel AA-Shakira-Piqué drama essentially started with “TQG”

Okay, so first things first: Anuel AA first seemingly mentioned Karol G in an Instagram post after she released her song “TQG” featuring Shakira. While the Medellin-born singer assured it was not a tiradera to either of their exes, the song is still clearly about a breakup’s aftermath. With lyrics like “I would never get back with you” and “Tell your new baby that I don’t compete for men,” let’s just say many of us thought of Karol G’s ex Anuel… and Shakira’s ex Piqué. We’re only human!

Well, it seems like Anuel also felt called out in the song, and he made sure to fire a few shots back. He took to IG to ask his fans, “Friendly debate: Why is Anuel AA so unforgettable?” The Puerto Rican reggaetonero continued, “My opinion is that this pearl has made me the most unforgettable man on the face of the earth! #Heartbreaker.” What does he mean by pearl, you may ask? Well, the one he reportedly surgically attached to his penis. You know, in case you were wondering.

Fans were quick to call out the post as a response to Karol G and Shakira’s song “TQG,” which had been released just three days prior. One IG user wrote, “At least [Karol G] uses you to make money; you’re just known as an ex,” while another agreed: “[Karol G] loved you and she used her songs to heal.” Yes.

Anuel then low-key mentioned Karol G again

But then, it continued. While he’s promoting his new track “Más Rica Que Ayer,” Anuel AA posted an IG video featuring Maluma that also seemed to be a bit of a “subtweet” to his famous ex. The short clip is an excerpt of the last part of Anuel’s new music video, where a friend asks him what is going on with “all those women” and “all those songs.” The singer replies: “When they dedicate songs to me, they go global. Two global songs and counting.”

By those “two global songs,” it seems like he was referring to Karol G’s biggest singles from this year, “TQG” and “X SI VOLVEMOS” alongside bachata icon Romeo Santos. Both tracks are odes to exes, breakups, and the drama and emotions that ensue. Hm.

But wait — there’s even more. One listen to Anuel’s new track is enough to make fans think of Karol G, particularly because it says “bebecita” a lot — the same way he refers to her in their 2019 duet “Secreto.” He also talks about an ex, singing, “Bebecita, you’re more rica than yesterday, It was so good seeing you again/ You can tell he doesn’t know how to love you/ You look better with me than him.”

As one Twitter user put it, “‘Más rica que ayer'” is completely for Karol G.” Another agreed, “He basically said he wants Karol G back.”

Strangely enough, the reggaetonero keeps mentioning Shakira, too

So where does Shakira come into the picture? Well, just as Anuel AA keeps bringing up his ex Karol G, he also keeps mentioning her fellow Colombian collaborator. Is he mad at “TQG” and its fierce lyrics? Or is he just banking on Shakira’s insane hype right now?

For one, Anuel actually mentions Shakira by name in his new song — he sings, “DM me, but not to fight/ You’re not Shakira and I’m not Piqué.” Woah. Of course, Shakira infamously also mentioned Piqué and his current girlfriend Clara Chía in her song alongside Bizarrap— but why is Anuel getting into this at all?

That’s not the only time Anuel has recently mentioned Shakira. In fact, he captioned one of his latest IG posts with, “Los hombres no lloran, los hombres facturan,” which is an obvious play on the “Monotonía” singer’s most famous lyric. Shakira’s Bizarrap session quickly shot up to a global, #1 hit, and its most famous lyric is undoubtedly, “Las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan.” Anuel AA bringing himself into a lyric about women’s empowerment and independence is just… very strange.

Did you think that was the last time the reggaetonero mentioned Shakira in the last few days? Unbelievably enough, it wasn’t. Anuel AA also posted a whole Instagram photo where he is posing with a black-and-white photo of Shakira. He smiles, looking towards her, and let’s just say we’re extremely confused.

This is what fans have to say about all of this

While there’s no word on what Shakira thinks about all of this, let’s just say fans have many thoughts. Over on Twitter, one user wrote, “Anuel really said ‘Tu no eres Shakira y yo no soy pique’ I’m here for the shots him & Karol are throwing at each other 😂✋🏼.” Another said, “The fact that karol g hurt anuel’s feeling so bad that he’s now attacking shakira is hilarious to me🤣😭.”

Over on IG, fans’ reactions were all the more savage. One follower wrote, “You’re trying to gain fame by using [her] name,” and another agreed, “He has to talk about her to be #1.”

Another IG user said it all when they commented, “The photo with a Shakira is an obvious indirecta. He didnn’t forget Karol, you can easily tell.” Yet another wrote, “He has to make a song about Karol G and mentioning Shakira to get hype.”

Us? All we can say is that this was definitely us watching the new “Más Rica Que Ayer” video: