Mexico City’s Ministry of Culture recently announced that singer Ángela Aguilar will be performing at the Zócalo in honor of Día de Muertos. The popular Regional Mexican performer, who just turned 19 on October 8, has been tapped to close out the Great Day of the Dead Parade on October 29.

Although there has been no confirmation of her exact set list yet, early reports state that she will sing her rendition of “La Llorona,” which she first released in 2018, as well as “Amor Eterno” in honor of Juan Gabriel. 

According to Milenio, the news was confirmed by Claudia Stella Curiel de Icaza, who serves as the Secretary of Culture of Mexico City.

CDMX’s Secretary of Culture also explained their decision to have Aguilar close out the show. Not only will she be the headlining performer of the night, but she’ll also be voicing the story that helps guide each of the parade’s eight segments. “It is important to us that she was a representative, young woman, who could speak about this tradition from this place,” Curiel said.

Secretary of Works Jesús Esteva revealed the plans to add decorative lighting to the Zócalo for the first time in addition to the floats, cars, and balloons that will be steering the parade. Another first for this year’s parade will feature a live stream that will give people from all around the world an opportunity to tune in and watch the parade from home.

Aguilar’s performance, which closes out the night of festivities, will reportedly feature pyrotechnics and drones, making it one of the more intricate performances to close out Día de Muertos festivities.

MVS Noticias reports the parade will begin at approximately 5 PM, starting at the Puerta de los Leones in the Bosque de Chapultepec. The parade will go through Avenida Juárez before making its final stop at the Zócalo; in total, the event will last for roughly 3-and-a-half hours. According to Proceso, the parade will feature 10 autonomous allegorical cars, 29 pushable cars, four monumental balloons and roughly 1,200 participants in total.

Nathalie Desplas, the Secretary of Tourism, estimates that the Día de Muertos celebration could attract more than 400,000 tourists and generate up to 4 billion pesos. They expect anywhere from 80-95% of hotel rooms to be booked and have scheduled two weeks worth of events for visitors.