You don’t have to be famous to get an epic, slow-motion GlamBot style on the red carpet. In fact, the Salvadoran content creator, Iván Bustillo (@littleviejo), proved this by making it happen in his community streets — DIY style.

Bustillo decided to recreate the popular red carpet glam-cam moments that capture our favorite celebrities in slow motion. We’ve seen this with personalities such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and The Rock in the most prestigious events. However, Bustillo believes we can all be stars on the red carpet of life. 

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Glam Cam a medio parque jeje 🕺🙌📸 ¿Qué les pareció? An idea inspired by the amazing @Cole Walliser 🤩 #fy #parati #parodia #humor #elsalvador

♬ original sound – Iván Bustillo

Bringing glamour to day-to-day life

The YouTuber and TikToker took photos of his community in a park, including an abuela, the park’s security team, a dog, and the dog’s owner. To further the Hollywood experience, he even hyped them up in some cases with their fictitious “Oscar nomination” stats.

Bustillo’s idea came from the actual red carpet’s Cole Walliser, who he thoroughly imitated — wig and all. Walliser is widely known as the Director of GlamBot content for E! Entertainment on the most important red carpets.

Word got to Wallister, and he reposted the humorous video. “This is amazing. Thank you for making it,” he said in the video. “This made my day. This is incredible.”

It turns out you don’t need the latest state-of-the-art equipment for glamorous shots 

By using a camera operator to capture the slow-motion moments, Bustillo perfectly recreated the GlamBot’s signature POV — without the cost of The Bolt, the high-speed robotic arm often used during fancy events.

Overall, this moment gives us “normal” people a glimpse of what it’s like to have cameras in our faces for a slow-mo moment. Who cares if we’re celebrities or not? At the end of the day, it’s all about the attitude we give in front of the camera.

“And by doing this crazy thing, I learned today that we can all be stars wherever we are. Not because of the fame or trajectory we have, but because of the attitude with which we face new challenges in life,” Bustillo said at the end of the light-hearted video.