A 13-year-old boy from Montgomery, Texas, became a viral sensation after his mom took a video of him waiting to get surgery for a hilarious but life-threatening accident. The teenager, named Johnathan Serrano, swallowed a dog toy on accident while getting ready for a camping trip, causing him to squeak with every breath.

According to an interview with ABC 7, Serrano “swallowed a dog toy by accident while he was bothering his mom instead of getting ready for a camping trip.” His mother said, “He wasn’t ready yet, and he was sitting there annoying me with this dog toy.”

When she told him to put the dog toy down to continue packing, he didn’t listen

Instead, he ducked out of the way when she tried to grab it from him and ended up swallowing it. After getting him to a hospital, doctors removed the toy from his esophagus with a scope, but not before his mom was able to capture something truly hilarious.

While he waited for surgery, Serrano’s mother pulled out her phone and asked him to breathe for the camera so she could hear the high-pitched squeal that comes out. She then does her best to make him laugh despite him doing his best not to. When he finally does, it sounds like a tiny cartoon character is stuck inside his throat.

Serrano and his mother break down laughing, and you can even see one of the doctors trying her best to keep it together in the background. “He was, like, king of the hospital,” said the boy’s mother. “All of the doctors and nurses would go in there and be like, ‘Hey, can you make the noise for us?'”


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Even though everyone was all smiles in the hallway, Serrano knew his predicament was life-threatening

“I was afraid that the dog toy might move to a position that the air wouldn’t go through anymore,” he said. However, once the toy was retrieved safely, even Serrano had to admit he liked the attention he was getting online. “Everyone is calling me cute in the comments, so I kinda like it,” he told ABC.

According to The A.V. Club, the video has racked up more than 24 million views and nearly 5 million likes. In addition to calling Serrano cute, commenters can’t get enough of his squeaky giggling. “The doctor in the back trying not to die,” read one, referencing the nearby surgeon who just couldn’t hold back from cracking up.

Even though Serrano missed his camping trip, he has one of the best hospital stories of all time and 24 million views to prove it.

One commenter wrote, “Yep…he just gave u the perfect example to use in ur wedding speech for when he marries. This will FOREVER follow him in the future,” while another asked the hard-hitting questions when they wrote, “How do u swallow a doggy toy?”

This story was originally published in October 2022.