Fast food franchise Subway is updating their longtime menu for the first time “in its nearly 60-year history,” the company announced Tuesday.

And to celebrate, Subway will be giving away one million sandwich subs to customers across the country. However, fans aren’t exactly feeling it.

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Repackaged as the Subway Series, 12 new signature sandwiches are being offered with brand new ingredients selected by the restaurant chain’s culinary experts. 

Per the press release, the Subway Series is conveniently divided into four styles of subs: cheesesteaks, clubs, chicken and Italianos. Each category includes three different types of sandwiches that can be ordered by name or number:

  • Cheesesteaks: #1 The Philly, #2 The Outlaw™, #3 The Monster™
  • Italianos: #4 Supreme Meats, #5 Bella Mozza, #6 The Boss
  • Chicken: #7 The MexiCali, #8 The Great Garlic™, #9 The Champ™
  • Clubs: #10 All-American Club®, #11 Subway Club®, #12 Turkey Cali Club

The free subs will be available July 12, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. local time, one free six-inch sandwich from the Subway Series per customer at a participating Subway location.

Indignation amid the announcement didn’t take long, many calling for the company to bring back signature items, including the Southwest chipotle sauce, the sweet onion sauce, the chicken breast option, a gluten free option and a vegan/vegetarian options for non-meat eaters.

Others had much more serious matters to bring up to the fast-food chain, such as allegations about exploitative franchising — many pointing to a John Oliver segment exposing the restaurant’s predatory practices — higher quality ingredients, possibility of salmonella and bringing up their prior spokesperson, convicted pedophile Jared Fogle.

Nevertheless, Subway remains hopeful that their new menu will bring back guests with the 12 new specialty subs, moving past their prior criticisms.

“The Subway Series is the most ambitious undertaking in company history, as we are changing the nearly 60-year-old blueprint that helped make Subway a global phenomenon,” said Trevor Haynes, president of Subway North America. “Last summer’s Eat Fresh Refresh laid the foundation to build a better Subway, and now the Subway Series enhances the entire Subway guest experience.”