When “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” was released in 1977, it quickly became a cinematic marvel for an entire generation.

From the iconic characters like Darth Vader to the original scores created by legendary composer John Williams, the franchise seeped into the collective consciousness of everyone whether they wanted it to or not. 

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Now, 46 years later, it seems “Star Wars” still draws people to it. Much like it did for Rosarito Beach’s municipal president, Araceli Brown Figueredo. Quinto Poder reports that Brown Figueredo used a very particular song from the franchise to enter the location where she’d give her State of the Municipality discourse.

Brown Figueredo walked in with Darth Vader’s signature “Imperial March” theme

In a video shared by Mexican journalist Javier Risco, you can see Brown Figueredo walking into a room filled with her supporters. Risco notes he was in disbelief when fellow Enersto Eslava told him what happened. Then Eslava sent him the video.

Risco says on X, “@ernestoeslava, a reporter from Tijuana, writes to me: The municipal president of Playas de Rosarito, Araceli Brown, presented her report and made her entrance with the ‘Imperial March’ from ‘Star Wars.’”

Pointing down at the video, he continues, “I told him: ‘You’re kidding,’ and he sent me the video.”

Adding another layer to the video is the announcer introducing her as “a woman of the left” who has “fought for over three decades for the social justice of her municipality.”

Whether people understand the extent of Darth Vader’s role in the Star Wars universe or not, one thing is clear —he isn’t the nicest person during a pivotal moment of the franchise.

So, her walking in with the “Imperial March” poses a bit of a problem when compared to the many atrocities committed by Vader.

Another Mexican reporter shared that the band playing the “Imperial March” consisted of youngsters.

“These young people from Playas de Rosarito are the ones who played the imperial march during Mayor Aracely Brown’s report,” he says.

While some criticize her musical choices and ask she do “research,” others say she would’ve been criticized “anyway”

The overall response to Risco’s post on X was pleasant, with many poking fun at her entrance. Some defended her choice of music.

Research professor Iliana Santibáñez commented, “Tastes are different, she would have entered with Aida’s Triumphal March, and she would have been criticized anyway.”

Oziel Martinez responded to her, “No, that music represents the empire, evil, the one that dominates and massacres democracy. If you like Star Wars, you would have entered with the main theme which is about liberation and hope.”

For the most part, others made Star Wars-related quips and suggested other songs she could have used. 

Aarón Martínez joked, “Friend [,] @kpya start your campaign with the songs from dragon ball haha [.]”

While others are saying it’s clear which side the official is on, “Well, at least they already admit which side of the force they are on. A confession of sorts,” Paula Sofia says.

Toño Martínez followed Sofia’s lead by adding, “And he comes with his apprentice as a good sith.”

Naím Franco Saucedo rounds it off with Vader’s iconic line to his son Luke Skywalker: “I am your fatheeer.”