Latinos all over the world are celebrating Semana Santa this week. Also known as the Holy Week, the holiday is a time to gather as a family, appreciate your blessings, and prepare for the weekend of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

There are also celebrations all around Latin America. You can probably find a party anywhere you go, too. Even in the smallest of small towns. Although many towns celebrate all week, things go up a notch starting on Good Friday. For many, however, the party doesn’t stop from the first day to the last.

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Let the Semana Santa memes commence!

Some people go on vacation while others host big family ragers. Of course, some observe the holiday quietly. However, for the most part, it’s time to party. To commemorate this week of festivities, we’re rounding up our favorite holiday memes.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, though. For most of us, Semana Santa is when we let loose a bit.

It’s also a great excuse to take a quick vacation.

When that’s not enough, some people just go absolutely nuts. From pushing helicopters to full-on sex on the beach, here are the best moments of people going insane in honor of Semana Santa. We should also note: don’t do this stuff!

Some of us, however, are using the holiday to catch up on some sleep. We just want to catch up on the sleep we lose for the rest of the year!

However, whatever activities you end up doing this Semana Santa, we hope you have the best week!