For a quinceañera, celebrating her birthday with loved ones is one of the most cherished moments of her party. One teen went above and beyond to ensure her abuelo, who was in the hospital, could join in the festivities.

In a heartwarming video shared by USA Today, we witness the magical moment when Gabriela arrives at a medical center adorned in her elegant princess-cut gown to surprise Juan Manuel Hernández. He couldn’t attend the party after suffering a stroke.

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Just two weeks before the celebration, Hernández had to learn to walk and talk again after his unprecedented health scare. His nieta, however, was determined to see him, embarking on a 130-mile journey to Santa Rosa, Texas.

Dressed in her quinceañera gown, the teen surprised her grandfather at the hospital

In the touching video, Gabriela strolls through the hospital corridors, surrounded by her family, wearing her blue quinceañera dress. Hernandez’s surprise and radiant smile are impossible to conceal as she enters the room.

The teen and her grandfather share a heartfelt hug. He gently kisses her forehead, and they sway to a slow melody like they would have at the party.

“He hoped to make it, but he had to learn to walk and talk again after his stroke,” the clip explains. Also, Gabriela confessed that celebrating without her beloved grandpa was a challenging ordeal.

The touching gesture filled the hearts of many, with some wishing they could hug their grandfathers again

The quinceañera’s story touched internet users, with many admitting they were deeply moved by her gesture.

Some confessed that this 15-year-old’s surprise brought tears to their eyes.

“It’s such a special day. I cried when the neighbor’s daughter had hers; she danced with everyone then came to me. She said you are familia,” an X user wrote.

Over on YouTube, people commented on the video, with one user saying, “So sweet. Happy birthday to the birthday girl. I wish you many birthdays and happiness. Also, I hope her grandfather is doing better.”

Many find driving such a distance for the ones you love is simply adorable and thoughtful. “What a wonderful thing you have done,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, some pay tribute to their grandparents and remember how much they miss them. “Oh, Wow. I would love to hug my grandpa again. Almost 21 years without him,” one person commented.