A quinceañera went viral on TikTok after trading gift bags for food bowls with her guests. As the video’s caption reads: “No gift, no food.”

Traditionally, people attending a quinceañera give the host a gift as a courtesy. However, some folks don’t follow this rule or even crash the party without an invitation.

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Usually, quinceañeras focus on taking photos, mingling with guests, and dancing the night away. But this young lady stood by the buffet, ensuring every guest who brought her a gift got rewarded.

Dressed in a princess gown, the quinceañera swapped gifts for an empty food bowl at her party

While the video posted by TikTok user @xoxo88883 doesn’t reveal the quinceañera’s identity or where the party happened, her priorities were clear. In the clip, she dazzles in a fabulous black and gold-embroidered princess-cut dress.

Meanwhile, she graciously received the gift bags, placing them on a table near her cake tower, and sharing brief words and hugs with the guests.

While some applaud the boldness of the family hosting this kind of party, on occasions even specifying “no kids” on the invitations, others find it unfair and harsh to trade food for presents.

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Some people are sharing their own experiences, with some saying they take “family presence over presents”

Social media users have been sharing their birthday celebration experiences, some joyous and others not so much. While some think it’s an excellent way to ensure no party-crashers ruin your special day, others believe trading like this looks terrible.

Over on TikTok one user commented on how family members sometimes take advantage of the party to invite their own guests. “Everyone says she’s greedy. What about that one Tia that takes 7 adults with her,” they wrote.

Others believe buying what they need is better than throwing a party. “Better buy your own gifts and avoid spending money on the party,” shared another TikTok user.

However, some think sharing with your loved ones is more important than any present.

“That’s ugly. I could never do that,” said a TikTok user. While another one shared: “Oh no, how sad. I take family presence before presents. If they can’t afford a gift, just show up for my kids cause it’s the memories that count.”

On Instagram, one person commented, saying: “Regardless of the name of the party, it’s a party! You should take a gift already. But if you have to mention bringing a gift, then you don’t need to be inviting those inconsiderate people.”