A quinceañera is going viral on TikTok after a group of children rushed to the dance floor during her waltz. As her sister put it on the social platform, “This is when the quinceañera gets angry.”

Of course, if you’ve been to quinceañeras before, you know kids get lit. The social event is a coming-of-age moment for teens, a chance to dance to “Devórame Otra Vez” for adults, and for children… well, it’s a chaotic playground. Until they fall asleep on two chairs, of course.

Quinceañeras usually have a few kids in the mix who run through the dancefloor, play hide and seek at inappropriate moments, and yes, may scream and yell. Then, of course, there’s the kid who slides on the well-shined dance floor and falls, and let’s just say we’ve been there.

While some quinceañeras choose not to invite children, others do — and it may lead to some mayhem. Here’s the story of the viral 15-year-old girl who put her foot down at her own quince and how people are reacting to the video.

This quinceañera grew “angry” at a few children at her party

TikTok user @gabriela_0198 posted a video of her sister dancing the waltz at her quinceañera. While she called her sister her “favorite quinceañera,” she also wrote how “angry” she was during the dance.

The viral clip has since amassed nearly three million views, probably because so many people relate to it. As you can see, the quinceañera was dancing the waltz with a woman who seemed to be her mother. Sweet, right? Well, three little boys decided to make an entrance on the dance floor during the moment— and it was pretty chaotic.

The three young boys rush to the dance floor and start dancing, playing and even yelling. While two of them stay standing, another sits on the floor. And yes, all of them kind of got in the way of the quinceañera’s video.

At that point, the person filming moved the camera away from the dance floor. However, you can still hear the quinceañera say: “Get out!”

A woman in the background seems to grab the kids and take them off the dance floor. However, someone calls the quinceañera a “corajuda,” or “quick-tempered.”

This is how people are reacting to the quinceañera’s reaction, saying, “It’s her day”

While the video has gone seriously viral, many people are reacting to the kids’ appearance — and the birthday girl’s reaction.

One person wrote, “She has all the right… It’s her day!” Another agreed, “She is right, badly educated kids, you need to educate children for those activities.”

Yet another chimed in, “I am a mother, and when people would invite my daughter to parties, I would tell them before leaving to stay next to me all the time.”

On the other hand, one wondered, “In her place, I wouldn’t invite little kids then.”

The quinceañera’s sister posted a few follow-up videos about the event, including one which showed the moments “after getting angry.”

In the video, you can see the 15-year-old dancing with loved ones, clearly showing she quickly overcame it.

One user commented on that video, “Of course, it’s her party and children aren’t going to ruin her day.”

Several people continue reacting to the video, which has since started a discussion about whether to invite kids to quinces. One person wrote, “Leave your kids at home 😏 if you can’t have them sit down for the waltz.”

Another said, “I’m going to a quinceañera this weekend that didn’t invite kids, many people got angry but my husband and I [said] ‘Sounds perfect, I’ll leave my kids at home.'”

One thing we know for sure? Every kid looked like this at the quince after 1 AM:

Or, of course, they were all sleeping on two chairs: