It seems like Peso Pluma‘s lyrics about El Chapo— and the Sinaloa Cartel — may have caught up with him. A month away from his October 14 concert in Estadio Caliente in Tijuana, Mexico, the singer has received several threats from Jalisco’s CJNG Cartel.

Peso Pluma has not yet responded to the threats. Still, Tijuana’s mayor, Montserrat Caballero, says the government is determining whether to cancel the concert.

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As shown in photos posted on social media, the CJNG, or Jalisco New Generation Cartel, reportedly hung three banners around Tijuana this week. The banners were viewed as threats to the “Tulum” singer, including one that reads: “This is for you, Peso Pluma. Abstain from performing on October 14 because it will be your last show.”

Here’s everything to know.

Peso Pluma sang about El Chapo in Mexico City — which may have led to the current threats

As reported by VICE, the “Ella Baila Sola” singer sang at the Festival Arre in Mexico City last weekend. The festival brought in around 100,000 attendees, who listened to Peso Pluma’s hits like “La Bebe” and “PRC.” However, the singer also referred to Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera, former Sinaloa Cartel leader.

In fact, as per the outlet, Peso Pluma and the mega crowd sang the initials “J.G.L,” referencing El Chapo’s birth name.

He also sang his track “Siempre Pendientes,” which also mentions the initials “J.G.L.” and the lyric, “I protect the plaza of señor Guzmán.”

This might be what led the CJNG Cartel to threaten Peso Pluma in Tijuana just days later. Their three banners placed around the city, otherwise known as narcomantas, warned the singer not to go forward with his upcoming concert.

“This is for you, Peso Pluma. Abstain from performing on October 14 because it will be your last show,” one banner read. “For being disrespectful and having a loose tongue, if you perform, we will [kick your a**].”

Peso Pluma has not responded to the threats or stated whether he will move forward with the October 14 concert.

Tijuana’s mayor said the government is evaluating whether to cancel the concert

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, one person has been detained in connection to the narcomantas. The incident is now under investigation.

Meanwhile, Tijuana’s mayor, Montserrat Caballero, said the government is evaluating whether to cancel Peso Pluma’s concert next month.

“If there is a risk for the audience, it could be canceled,” she noted. “In this moment, we don’t know if a risk exists.”

Still, the mayor referenced some of Peso Pluma’s narcocorrido-inspired songs, saying they could have “consequences.”

As she put it, cartels “may get angry, and unfortunately, those who suffer the consequences are the people who want to assist the concerts and be at risk.”


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Caballero added, “We have to know why our youth and children feel identified with these lyrics, that’s the root of the problem.”

Adding, “Even if I prohibit corridos, young people are going to keep listening to them.”

And with Mexico showing off their “non-human” alien corpses in Congress hours ago, we have to ask — what’s in the water today?