Gifting a unique item for a quinceañera can be challenging. To bring joy to her younger sister, a Mexican woman went the extra mile by giving her a custom-made bicycle.

In the video circulating on social media, Guadalupe Sauceda Rendón is sitting in a beautifully decorated chair with her eyes closed, eagerly awaiting the surprise. Then, she received a fantastic lowrider bike.

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During an interview with mitú, her older sister, Jocilyn Rendón, disclosed that her mom’s suggestion to plan a surprise inspired the idea. It was at that moment that she talked to her boyfriend, Andre Leija, to make it happen.

“My boyfriend and I got together about four years ago, and he grew up with the Chicano culture, going to lowrider shows,” she said. “My sister fell in love with it, so I decided a lowrider bike would be perfect for her so she can have something of her own.”

The sister bought the bike frame on Facebook Marketplace, then her boyfriend and his brother rebuilt it from scratch

Jocelyn explained that her boyfriend and his brother, Cash Leija, constructed the bike from scratch to make it exceptionally unique. Fortunately, they discovered the frame of a vintage model on Facebook Marketplace.

“The model is Schwwin Stringray Jr. It wasn’t in the best condition; it was old because I believe it’s from the 60s, but he got parts from previous bikes he had built in the past and got one of his friends to paint the bike blue for us since it’s my sister’s favorite color,” she explained.


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Jocelyn said completing the transformation took them four days, including painting, with everything costing approximately $600.

“She did not expect it!” she said. “She once told me about it, but I acted like I didn’t hear. Little did she know it was already in the works. She’s in love with the bike and is planning on getting more parts.”

The quinceañera’s special gift inspired people to share their own stories

The story of Sauceda Rondón and her sister has touched the hearts of countless social media users who shared their stories and admitted to feeling connected to the sweet gesture.

On TikTok, some expressed their desire to give a second life to their bikes: “Wish I still had my dad’s bike.” 

“The feeling when my brother got me one on my birthday,” added another person. 

Furthermore, the gift idea inspired some: “I am going to make one for my sister when she’s fifteen.”

Others admired the couple’s creativity: “Everything looks so pretty. The bike is dope,” wrote another person. Another added: “That’s amazing and I can’t stop watching it.”

Meanwhile, others want their own: “Today I met envy,” they wrote.