We’ve all seen the meme: “If I text you ___, it means ___.” 

This can go, and has gone, in a lot of different directions. Some nice. Some naughty. Some oddly specific. The history of the emoji dates back to 1881, when the emoticon was born out of punctuation marks and other characters, first published in American magazine “Puck.” 

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Flash forward to 2022, and emojis have undergone yet another renaissance in the wacky and wonderful world of memes, allowing anyone and everyone to assign new meanings to even the most obscure of emojis. 

Who knew that a simple chancla could conjure up so many childhood memories of pissing my mom off? 

Here are some of our favorite memes, redefining everything from the dreaded chancla to toilet paper to ice skates. 

  1. No me hagas pasar pena, me entiendes?
  1. Gives new meaning to the phrase “diarrhea of the mouth.”
  1. Text this to all your friends who are in relationships with toxicos.
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  1. We’ll never let it go. 
  1. Batteries not included.
  1. Ready for my closeup.
  1. Tu no eres bebesita — tu eres bebesota.
  1. I hope you got all that, James. 
  1. The text Tristan Thompson wakes up to every morning, probably.
  1. A llama?! He’s supposed to be DEAD!