In Latino culture, mothers and abuelas are some of the most venerated figures in our families. Whatever abuela says, goes, no questions asked. And as we get older, we often honor their sacrifices by helping them out around the house, living with them, or spoiling them with gifts.

However, TikTok creator Delmy Banegas is taking a different approach. She recently went viral after explaining why she charges her Latina mom for everything.

“You may not agree with me, but I charge my mother for everything I give her,” she starts. “My mother gives her money away, clothes away, her shoes, food.”

She explains the various gifts her mother has received over the years and what she has done with them, ultimately describing the reasoning behind her charging her for everything she gives her.

The daughter claims her mother gives “everything but her soul” away

Sharing her frustrations with her mother in the clip, the woman details items her mother has received and given to other people or sent to Honduras.

“My daughter just gave her a brand new set of comforters for her bed, it’s on its way to Honduras right now. I gave her a brand new watch for her birthday or Mother’s Day, but she already sent her to Honduras.”

Then, she recalls how her mother gives money and food away to her brother, which he accepts.

“One time I brought her a po’boy. If you don’t know what a po’boy is, it’s just a big subway sandwich we have here in Louisiana, we call it a po’boy. Yeah, she called my brother and said ‘You hungry, I have a po’boy, want to come get it?'” She recalls. “My brother came and got it.”

Adding, “If I give her money, she’ll give the money away. My brother will come by and shake things around. She’ll ask him ‘Do you need gas money?’ and he’ll say, ‘Yeah actually I do,’ and she’ll give him forty dollars on the spot.”

The frustrated daughter states she’s stopped giving her mother money and has started charging her for things after all these events went down. However, she hasn’t stopped helping her mother in other ways.

Despite charging her for things, she claims she pays for other needs her mother has

Although the daughter has stopped giving her mother money and is charging her for things, she claims she still “gives it back to her.”

How you may ask? By helping her with chores, groceries, and other needs her mother might have.

“I’ll go to the grocery store, I’ll buy her whatever she needs, I’ll buy her shoes or clothes,” she explains. However, she draws the line at expensive things.


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“If she needs car repairs, something that is expensive I won’t give her the money. I’ll tell her ‘I’m going to charge you for it, just pay me in $20 here and there,” she says.

The daughter sets the example of buying her mother perfume, taking the money, but in exchange buying her groceries that might have been more expensive than the perfume.

As the video comes closer to ending, the woman advises people to watch elders them from giving things away. “When an elder parent gets a certain age you have to watch that they don’t give things away, and she gives everything but her soul away.”

While some found the woman’s attitude toward her mother harsh, others shared her frustration, having Latino parents who have done the same.

As one TikTok user responded, her mother does the same thing. “This my mother! She stay buying people things that would never return the same energy. It’s beyond frustrating cause 90 percent of the time they using.”

Another one shared how her mother is sending a car to Mexico for her brothers.

“My mom got a car as a gift guess where is going.. to Mexico cause her “brothers are poor and need it” is very irritating they lived free in her house,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, others see both sides of the story.

“This is a really hard situation because you know she’s trying to be kind but at the same time she doesn’t value what YOU do for her 😒,” one user wrote. Another adding, “I understand that would be frustrating, but At the end of the day your both very giving😌 What comes around goes around kindly.”