Sibling rivalries and disagreements are among the most common issues faced by families. Particularly during teenage years. Jealousy, competitiveness and even age differences can stir up relationships between brothers and sisters.

Aside from the chaos it can cause brothers and sisters themselves, disagreements almost always end up involving parents, too. Particularly when one sibling’s actions affect the other.

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Such was the case for Reddit user Otherwise-Cycle-2441, who took to the site’s “Am I the A**hole” community with an issue straight out of the Latina version of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

In the thread, the user describes herself as a white woman who is a mother to 16-year-old Bethany. She also has a stepdaughter, Maria, who is Mexican, just like her husband. Right before Maria’s quinceañera, Bethany became jealous of the party she was being thrown by her biological parents, and after an argument with Maria, destroyed her dress.

After the argument left everyone “pissed,” the user is making her daughter face the consequences of her actions, but is now wondering if she is “being a huge jerk.”

The mom claims her daughter was jealous of the quinceañera’s party before destroying her dress

If you can imagine the scene in Cinderella where Drizella and Anastasia rip up the dress she worked so hard with the mice and birds to create, then you’ve got a close visual as to how this quinceañera’s dress turned out.

According to the AITA thread, the mom details her daughter’s jealousy sparked after Maria’s parents started planning her quinces.

“The dress and the alterations came around to 3000 dollars. My daughter has been very jealous of the whole party,” she wrote. “I’ve informed her it is part of the culture, just like when she had a huge sweet sixteen party with her friends.”

She continued, “I spent more time with her to try to make her feel better about it and got her own much cheaper dress for the party.”

However, even the added quality time couldn’t stop Bethany from taking it out on Maria’s dress.

“The party is suppose to be in two weeks but my daughter after an argument with Maria about the tv she scribbled sharpie all of the expensive dress and ripped the back,” the user describes.

Now, the mother is making her get a job to replace the dress but is wondering if she did the right thing

In an attempt to remedy her daughter’s mistake, the Reddit user gave her husband and his ex-wife money to get Maria a new dress before her quinceañera. Then she proceeded to give her daughter what she deemed an appropriate punishment.

“I informed my daughter she will need to get a job and pay back the full price of the dress as punishment,” she wrote.

Adding, “We got in a huge argument over it and the whole situation isn’t fair that I am choosing Maria and being a huge jerk. Am I being a huge jerk.”

Voters ruled she is not the a**hole, with voters agreeing with her parenting choices.

“NTA. Bethany deliberately ruined a dress. She has to pay for it. If she had done this to a total stranger, would she claim you’re choosing the stranger? If Maria had ruined one of her dresses, would she just let it go? Bethany’s very close to becoming an adult. It’s time she realizes that comes with responsibilities,” one user wrote.

Some condemned Bethany’s actions, calling her “cruel and narcissistic.”

“I am sorry but what your daughter did was cruel, wrong, narcissistic, and absolutely terrible. She needs to learn that she cannot get her way just because the attention is not about her. You absolutely need to stick up for Maria in this position. And if you don’t, then you will be an a*****”