Nika Diwa and Emeka Ihedigbo lead a beautiful married life together, and now their relationship has left many in awe for all the right reasons. Through their videos, they show everyone how to cherish love daily, not just for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day.

Ihedigbo, originally from Nigeria, surprised his beloved Filipino wife with a heartwarming gesture after she mentioned her craving for Mexican cuisine.

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“My wife wanted to get Mexican food, but I did this instead,” he wrote in the now-viral video.

The clip starts with Ihedigbo gently waking up the mother of his two children around 5 a.m. Leading her by the hand and he unveiled packed suitcases. Initially groggy, Diwa took a moment to comprehend what was happening. However, once she realized the dreamy surprise was real, she couldn’t contain her joy and broke into a spontaneous dance of joy.

Their adventure continued at a Mexican hotel where the husband had yet another surprise in store before their date night

If you thought Ihedigbo had already outdone himself with the Mexico surprise, it didn’t end there. Diwa was unsure what to wear for their special evening at the hotel. However, Ihedigbo had everything perfectly arranged.

He surprised her with a curated selection of dresses matching her style and size, ensuring she felt at ease and stress-free. As Diwa said, “Honey, you really are listening to me.”


Wifey hasn’t gone shopping since giving birth and so I’ve been secretly observing her favorite styles, brands, and sizes to surprise her. So when she asked me what she should wear for date night i figured this would be a good time to show her she has some options. Think she’ll like my picks?? 🙏🏿 #surprisingmywife #stylingmywife #datenightoutfits @Hotel Xcaret México @Xcaret Park #StayHereToShare #HiddenWonder #Ad

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In an interview for the Alison Nicole blog, Diwa said she met her partner on a dating app after just a week of using it.

“I found it very difficult to connect deeply with someone I felt chemistry with (especially with similar faith and values). I went online because several friends recommended it as a great way to meet people and I had been a member of the app for only one week when I met my future husband,” she shared. 

Moreover, this isn’t the first time Ihedigbo has shown such romantic gestures to his wife. Eight years ago, during their engagement, he crafted a video that resembled a captivating movie, narrating their love story.

Many now want their own fairytale love story

Over on social media, people couldn’t help but share messages about how blissfully happy they appear together.

“This is the cutest thing I have ever seen,” commented a TikTok user. “You guys are such an inspiration. Hope you have the best trip,” added another person.

Many loved her spontaneous reaction and dance moves. “I can’t stop smiling…so adorable,” commented another person.

Meanwhile, others are questioning their choice of partner:

“Why ain’t nobody waking me up? Get dressed and go to Chipotle?” asked an Instagram user.