Nicholas “Nico” Heller, a vlogger and film director based in New York City, captured a man at Yankee Stadium poking a hole in his hot dog and then using it as a straw to drink beer during a game on Aug. 22. The unidentified man was posted on Heller’s @newyorknico page, a social media account dedicated to documenting oddballs around the city.

According to SB Nation, the video garnered more than three million views in just two hours and has been making its rounds on the internet at lightning speed after a popular Twitter account called @JomboyMedia reposted it.

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The source even questions whether the hot dog straw man may have brought the Yankees some luck, as they went on to win against the Mets following their win against the Blue Jays the night before, their first back-to-back win since July 29 and 30.

The video of hot dog straw man is disgusting for a few reasons, so let’s break it down. First, the video starts with the man poking a hole into his hot dog while his beer sits on the ground directly next to him. He then licks the straw on both ends before taking his makeshift hot dog straw and plopping it into his beer, which he then sips as if it were completely normal.

It’s understandable that people would want to go back to normal after the pandemic and a couple of years where mass gatherings just weren’t possible. It’s even understandable to combine hot dogs and beer in some capacity. Beer-battered hot dogs exist. According to Today, even meat straws exist!

But there’s something about this that feels unhygienic on levels previously unseen in the history of mankind. Heller later posted a slightly-less-disturbing video of a fan dipping his hot dog and bun into his beer and then eating it, which seems like a completely normal thing to do after watching hot dog straw man fashion a customized meat straw like some kind of demented MacGyver.

Of course, the internet collectively lost its mind over this recent innovation in hot dog technology. However, opinion is split on hot dog straw man — is he just another sick freak, or is he actually a genius in disguise? Some think he should be serving a life sentence in hot dog jail while others think he’s a frontrunner for the hot dog hall of fame.

Some social media users on the other hand, are convinced that the video is staged. The @newyorknico account is known for posting strange sightings around the city, and some are convinced that he fabricated hot dog straw man to drum up controversy and views.

Whatever your opinion may be, it’s unlikely that we’ll see such a massive leap forward in hot dog and beer experimentations for quite some time. Until then, check out what Twitter has to say about the mad scientist: