From “Selena” to “Hustlers,” Jennifer Lopez has served us all gorgeous looks, reggaeton bangers, iconic movies, and continues to do it all without aging a day.

JLo has stolen our hearts on the big screen and has kept us all at the edge of our seats, waiting to see her next move. It comes as no surprise that she’s taking the world by storm and about to break the internet, again. First, with the release of Lopez’s new hit single “On My Way,” which leads to her new leading role in “Marry Me.”

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“Marry Me” is a romantic comedy which also features the one and only, Maluma baby. Oh, and Owen Wilson’s in it too.

The plot includes a love interest between Kat Valdez, a Latin global superstar, played by JLo, who becomes engaged to superstar Bastian, played by Maluma.

In a turn of events, Kat marries Charlie, played by Owen Wilson, who is merely a fan in the audience at a concert, and together they navigate romance in the public eye.

Valentine’s Day, here we come.

With the international superstar taking over the big screen, we’re excited to see JLo dominate the box office next year. The release date is set for February 11, 2022, you guessed it, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend! 

We’ll be first in line to watch the iconic JLo and Maluma duo on-screen, coupled with the ever so talented Owen Wilson.

Let’s not forget JLo’s biggest and baddest hits that made us all fall in love with the global superstar.

Selena, of course. We’ll never forget JLo’s iconic role as Selena, setting the stage for a lifetime of superstardom as an actress with global popularity in the U.S., Latin America, and around the world.

JLo has challenged the film industry to reimagine and rewrite narratives around what Latinas in Hollywood could be and also played a pivotal role in changing the types of stories and roles that came in the years that followed.

From “The Wedding Planner” to “Monster-in-Law,” “Maid in Manhattan” and the “Second Act,” JLo has navigated an industry that has historically marginalized and excluded Latinas, and women of color alike, and is now an internationally recognized triple threat who is calling the shots across many industries.