Picture this: your sister is a new mom. Her baby is the cutest little ball of masa you’ve ever laid eyes on and you just want to be the cool tío/tía that she will always look up to. It’s Nochebuena and you’re all over at mom’s house to celebrate baby’s first Christmas. You hand your adorable sobrina her gift and she clumsily unwraps it to reveal… another onesie. She looks at you with disappointment, just like everyone else in the room. Your dreams of being a godparent are destroyed. 

Okay, so that might be a bit dramatic but you get the point. The struggle to get good gifts for the kids in your life is real, especially if you’re not a parent yourself. When did we all become grown ups? When did all our friends start having babies? When did your sister’s/brother’s/cousin’s/compadre’s kid become your absolute favorite person in the whole entire world? We can’t answer that, pero we can help you get them a gift that will make you a superstar not only in their eyes, but their parent’s eyes too! 

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We partnered with KiwiCo and rounded up a couple of our mitú staffers who also happen to be padres and asked them “what would you want your loved ones to get your little ones for the holidays?” Fed up with the usual gifts, our mitú padres jumped at the chance to be heard and make sure their kids end up with a gift that everyone in the family loves! 

I’m gonna let my siblings know that if they wanna get my daughter something super cute for Christmas, I’m really into this Santa Wobbler from KiwiCo. First of all I LOVE Christmas. Second, this toy is freakin’ adorable. Like, I could probably play with this for hours, so I imagine my 1 ½ year-old daughter could play with this forever – which is great, because every now and then I don’t mind her being distracted long enough for me to make her lunch or do an errand. Parent struggles are real. Fun distractions help!

I think my daughter would totally dig this Explore Australia project! We often talk about things we will do as she gets older like the excitement of her first concert or her first trip overseas so I think this would not only give her a bit of education on the location of Australia but also show the landscape, the climate and the different types of native animals. It’s also got an art element to it, some building / putting together, it touches on reading, critical thinking, focus and making connections. Big win ALL around for a parent and a child!

For this holiday season my son would love to receive Santa’s Light-Up Workshop. It combines the fun of putting together a puzzle and creating a fun little house to play with. And after Santa’s workshop, who knows? the way a kid’s imagination works it could become anything from a dollhouse to a spaceship base!


I’m going to let my family know to inspire her growth with the Panda Crate vs. toy from a show/movie that she likes now. One of the coolest things to watch is my daughter’s creativity, geared towards playing with blocks, coloring/ drawing, or some of the crafts we’ve done together. This seems like a nice progression and something she can look forward to through the year vs. a toy she tied to the show/movie she may only be into right now. Plus, it keeps the learning going on way past the holidays!

My little guy just turned 1 so he’s really curious about everything and the Magnetic Car Set would be a great gift that can foster that curiosity! To state the obvious, MAGNETS! Who doesn’t love ‘em? I’m over 30 and they still fascinate me. My suegros are always looking for gift ideas besides the typical clothes and pijamas. This is something we can ask for that will actually encourage him to learn (and he won’t grow out of it in a month)!

There you have it, straight from the parent’s mouths. For kids, the holidays are all about building new traditions with the people they love. And whether you live down the street or across the country, a KiwiCo crate or project can keep you connected long after you’ve broken your New Year’s resolution to spend less money on café. And if you buy a subscription today through December 31st you can get up to 4 months free!

The best part? Not only is it a gift, but it’s something you can do with the little one in your life! Remember, building the gift is half the fun!