Every now and then, you watch a viral video that really hits you right en el corazón — and now we’re crying like Thalía in “Maria la del Barrio,” but we’re not mad about it at all.

As shown in the video published by JB Noticias TV on Facebook, Andrea is a six-year-old girl from Ecuador who sells Bon o Bon candies around gas stations. With the cutest sonrisa you’ve ever seen, the Ecuadorian Girl tells two women that she’s never been to school, her parents work in a circus, and her family moves from country to country to make money.

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The only catch? She tells them her story in perfect French and reveals she knows Russian, Italian, and Spanish, too. 

Speaking in French as if it was her first language, Andrea tells these two women that although she’s never been to “l’école” or school, she dreams of being a veterinarian one day because she loves animals.

One of the women was born in France and remarks the Ecuadorian girl has an unbelievably-impressive accent. Suddenly, they offer her un trato para la historia: they’ll buy the entire candy box if Andrea is able to sell the bonbons in all four languages. Without missing a beat, the six-year-old offers the candies in each language as if she were a native speaker of all of them.

Andrea simply asks for $5 for the whole box, but the woman gives her $10 and lets her keep the candies — she can barely believe it and jumps around in excitement. Why? As she explains, she can continue to save up to buy a house for her family and pay for friends’ flights to visit her. We’re not llorando, you are.

While our jaws are on the floor watching this video, it gets even better

Andrea is clearly a genius, even singing in Russian and French with the most adorable voice we’ve heard. But when asked how she learned to speak all these languages, she explains she’s completely self-taught. Traveling the world with her parents’ circus, she reads local newspapers and talks to anyone she can. Since her parents don’t know the languages as she does, Andrea is their translator in each new country they go to.

The woman tells the girl that she will be famous in ten years for her awe-inspiring intelligence, and she asks, “En serio?” with a smile de oreja a oreja. 

It’s no wonder this video has racked up thousands of views online, showcasing the perseverance and strength of una niña tan poderosa como Andrea.